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Charles Marrale



Charles Marrale is a pioneer in the digital freight space, and the CEO of Exfreight Zeta LLC. He has been an advocate for digitization of the freight industry and is a leading voice for the advancement of digital freight technologies.

In this role at Exfreight Zeta LLC, Charles is responsible for helping customers digitize their supply chains through the use of innovative technologies. Charles has been a thought leader in the freight industry for over 20 years, and he is often credited with being one of the first digital freight forwarders.

Sessions With Charles Marrale

Thursday, 23 February

  • 03:30pm - 04:00pm (PST) / 23/feb/2023 11:30 pm - 24/feb/2023 12:00 am

    Real Talk About the Digital Forwarding Model

    A million words have been written about the so-called digital forwarding model over the past decade, and not all of them have been kind. Outside the logistics industry, digital forwarding has been seen as a way to progress an antiquated industry toward a more digitized future, to bring logistics in line with other industries that have embraced technology in a tangible way. Inside the industry, critics scoff at the idea that logistics providers have turned their backs on technology, as well as the idea that tech startups are developing anything they already haven’t thought of. With billions of dollars having been invested in the model — through Flexport, Forto, Nowports, and more — the question now is whether digital forwarding carves out a truly differentiated niche, or whether the well-funded digital forwarders get subsumed by a fragmented and competitive industry that has no designs on being wiped away. In this session, DHL Forwarding’s head of digitalization will query three tech-native forwarders about what is and isn’t differentiated about the model.