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Graham Parker

Gravity Supply Chain Solutions


Gravity Supply Chain Solutions CEO Graham Parker commands over three decades of experience from working in the supply chain industry, learning first-hand how the traditional linear supply chain model has grown obsolete. His impressive career history encompasses having worked at a global 3PL, and leading U.K. retailer, managing both domestic and international supply chains across multi-channel routes to market. He also spent a considerable period within buying and sourcing operations and found this incredibly useful when evolving process and logistics changes to meet ever-changing consumer demands.

Graham knows the supply chain of today is global, multi-channel and fragmented, with supply chain managers continuing to rely on disparate, outdated technologies, bolted together and unable to provide complete visibility in real time. Driven to solve this dilemma led Graham to launch Gravity Supply Chain in December 2014 – his vision was to offer an end-to-end supply chain software that enables anyone involved within the critical path, to receive, analyze and act on real time information, anytime, anywhere. It is unquestionable that the only way to operate a genuinely consumer-centric supply chain is to gain real time visibility and actionable insights. If you can’t see the data, you can’t manage the process, and you cannot make decisions with certainty. It is Graham’s responsibility to execute on the vision and lead both the Board and investor base.

There are high expectations for the platform, and how Gravity can take their customers on the autonomous journey through digital supply chain management. However, Graham strives to ensure these needs get met while providing a healthy, stable and exciting structure for all employees understanding how integral each person is in helping the company to grow and achieve its targets and objectives.

Sessions With Graham Parker

Friday, 24 February

  • 09:45am - 10:15am (PST) / 24/feb/2023 05:45 pm - 24/feb/2023 06:15 pm

    The Behind-the-Scenes Adoption of Automation

    There’s no more loaded term in technology than automation: a concept with the power to kill millions of jobs or unlock billions of dollars of systemic inefficiency. While the idea of automation fundamentally changing the logistics industry — among dozens of other industries — is de rigeur, the reality is that most of the actual movement on automation is happening far beneath the surface. That doesn’t mean automation isn’t changing the shape of global logistics, but it does mean that its impact is still largely obscured from public view. In this session, companies focused on the implementation of automation for specific functions — from payment and trade finance access to booking processes — will discuss how prevalent automation already is, what the next phase will look like, and what benefits it may hold for those buyers looking to invest in technology.