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  • February 23 – 24, 2023 | Hilton Long Beach
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John Motley


CEO and Founder

John Motley is LOG-NET's Chief Executive Officer and Founder. Since developing the initial version of LOG-NET, John is a leading pioneer in the development of digital supply chain technology.

Prior to founding LOG-NET John worked for a one of the largest global shipping lines in a variety of disciplines from operations to logistics. He has also served as an officer in the United States Naval Reserve.

John earned an MBA in Information Systems from NYU Stern School of Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering Systems from the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

Sessions With John Motley

Friday, 24 February

  • 10:15am - 10:45am (PST) / 24/feb/2023 06:15 pm - 24/feb/2023 06:45 pm

    A Frank Chat About ML and AI in Logistics

    The idea that artificial intelligence and machine learning are purely buzzwords and not actually meaningful ignores the reality that AI and ML are very much in play in the global logistics industry. AI and ML aren't considerations for tomorrow, but for today. Basic automation, in the form of robotic process automation, already is permeating a range of core processes for shippers and 3PLs. So-called intelligent automation, where a system not only performs a basic process but also makes a recommendation or decision, is on the near horizon. But a huge chasm remains between what exists and what the industry actually understands. In this session, logistics technology pioneer John Motley, CEO of LOG-NET, sits down with TPMTech Chair Eric Johnson to break down misconceptions about AI and ML.