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Ramkumar Govindarajan

Wiz Freight

Founder & CEO

Ramkumar Govindarajan is the Founder and CEO of WIZ Freight a company he launched in August 2020 along with Ramkumar Ramachandran, a 30-year veteran in the logistics industry. He is a graduate of the prestigious National University of Singapore where he completed a Bachelor of Engineering. After his studies, Ram built and launched Fixit Singapore, a home services marketplace, where he focused on product development, customer and partner acquisition. He moved on to run venture growth at Rocket Internet SEA in Singapore. In his next venture prior to WIZ, he was a founding team member at Lynk, a last mile delivery business that scaled to 5 cities in India with a customer base of 100,000+ and 15,000+ driver partners. In his spare time, Ram actively volunteers with a social initiative started with Indian alumni from NUS working with schools in remote villages of Tamil Nadu, India and conducts skills training and career consulting bootcamps for underprivileged students. He is passionate about logistics and technology and likes to work on use cases to solve problems using tech. 

Sessions With Ramkumar Govindarajan

Thursday, 23 February

  • 03:30pm - 04:00pm (PST) / 23/feb/2023 11:30 pm - 24/feb/2023 12:00 am

    Real Talk About the Digital Forwarding Model

    A million words have been written about the so-called digital forwarding model over the past decade, and not all of them have been kind. Outside the logistics industry, digital forwarding has been seen as a way to progress an antiquated industry toward a more digitized future, to bring logistics in line with other industries that have embraced technology in a tangible way. Inside the industry, critics scoff at the idea that logistics providers have turned their backs on technology, as well as the idea that tech startups are developing anything they already haven’t thought of. With billions of dollars having been invested in the model — through Flexport, Forto, Nowports, and more — the question now is whether digital forwarding carves out a truly differentiated niche, or whether the well-funded digital forwarders get subsumed by a fragmented and competitive industry that has no designs on being wiped away. In this session, DHL Forwarding’s head of digitalization will query three tech-native forwarders about what is and isn’t differentiated about the model.