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Rob Garrison

Mercado Labs


Rob Garrison is a supply chain executive with 25 years of experience providing strategic vision and leadership to Fortune 500 companies. Rob has a history of building technology-enabled supply chains and a track record of forging high-growth partnerships, positioning organizations for success, and launching innovative solutions that improve end-to-end efficiencies.

Rob is a speaker and author offering expertise on supply chain challenges, trends, and best practices. Rob has created and executed lean supply chains for shippers like AutoZone, Michaels, and Five Below, and has earned excellence awards from FedEx, Walmart, Hewlett Packard, and Apple in global operations management, quality assurance, and continuous improvement.

Rob is the founder/CEO of Mercado Labs, an import order management system designed to change the way the world trades, transacts, and interacts. The system connects brands to the people who make and move their products, allowing importers to plan, buy, and move products online with ease.

Sessions With Rob Garrison

Friday, 24 February

  • 11:45am - 12:30pm (PST) / 24/feb/2023 07:45 pm - 24/feb/2023 08:30 pm

    What’s Old is New Again: The Re-Emergence of PO Management

    If the wild ebbs and flows of global container demand the past three years showed anything, it’s that upheaval in transportation networks are a symptom, not the disease, of upstream planning inefficiency and downstream congestion. Looking upstream is especially instructive, and the pandemic seemed to instigate a renewed focus on an area of global supply chains that’s not exactly new: purchase order management. What changed in this cycle? Over the last two decades, containerized supply chains became so reliable that PO management receded into the background. But transit times and freight costs got so out of whack during the pandemic, that the ordering and planning phases merited more attention than they had been getting. And thus, there’s a renewed focus on the first mile of global logistics. In this session, a shipper, a software provider, and a 3PL that focus intensely on how POs connect to downstream supply chains will discuss how and why PO management has re-emerged as a focus area, and where things go from here.