• Inland Distribution
  • September 30 - October 2, 2024 | The Westin Chicago River North

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Cargo Crime I: Fighting Fraudulent Pickups

Wednesday, 2 October

9:10 am - 9:45 am (CST) / 02/oct/2024 02:10 pm - 02/oct/2024 02:45 pm
Identity theft and freight theft are more closely linked than ever, as thieves steal motor carrier identities to book freight with brokers or shippers, and then steal the freight. Reports of fraudulent or fictitious pickups have soared. CargoNet, a Verisk company, says fictitious pickups led to more than $61 million in losses in 2023, and the number of reported incidents increased by more than 300% from 2022. This session is one of three at this year’s Inland conference dedicated to cargo crime. We will delve deep into the growth in fraudulent pickups in trucking, examining how and why this crime has surged in recent years. We’ll offer practical advice on how shippers, brokers and carriers can combat this fraud and protect their supply chains as we head toward 2025.
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