• Inland Distribution
  • September 25- 27, 2023 | The Westin Chicago River North

Inland23 Speakers


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  • Rachael Acker

    Wolverine Worldwide

    Senior Director-Global Logistics

    ["Rachael Acker","Wolverine Worldwide","Senior Director-Global Logistics"]
  • Brian Alexander

    Hub Group

    Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

    ["Brian Alexander","Hub Group","Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Anthony Apa

    Mark-It Express


    ["Anthony Apa","Mark-It Express","President"]
  • Tim Aschoff

    Crete Carrier Corporation

    President & COO

    ["Tim Aschoff","Crete Carrier Corporation","President & COO"]
  • Ari Ashe

    Journal of Commerce by S&P Global

    Senior Editor-Intermodal Rail and Southeast Ports

    ["Ari Ashe","Journal of Commerce by S&P Global","Senior Editor-Intermodal Rail and Southeast Ports"]
  • Amy Augustine

    US Cellular

    Senior Director-Network Supply Chain

    ["Amy Augustine","US Cellular","Senior Director-Network Supply Chain"]
  • Shelli Austin

    InTek Freight and Logistics


    ["Shelli Austin","InTek Freight and Logistics","President"]
  • Ben Banks


    Vice President-Operations

    ["Ben Banks","TCW","Vice President-Operations"]
  • Gene Baumbach

    Consolidated Chassis Management Inc

    Director of Business Relations

    ["Gene Baumbach","Consolidated Chassis Management Inc","Director of Business Relations"]
  • Michael Baumgardt


    Senior Vice President-Intermodal

    ["Michael Baumgardt","Schneider","Senior Vice President-Intermodal"]
  • Martin Bernstein

    Hallmark Cards

    Senior Director, Global Transportation and Trade Compliance

    ["Martin Bernstein","Hallmark Cards","Senior Director, Global Transportation and Trade Compliance"]
  • Tyler Billeg

    Ascent Global Logistics

    Director-Safety and Recruiting

    ["Tyler Billeg","Ascent Global Logistics","Director-Safety and Recruiting"]
  • Paul Bingham

    S&P Global

    Director-Global Intelligence and Analytics

    ["Paul Bingham","S&P Global","Director-Global Intelligence and Analytics"]
  • Jim Blaeser

    Omni Logistics

    Chief Procurement Officer

    ["Jim Blaeser","Omni Logistics","Chief Procurement Officer"]
  • Shane Blair

    Swift Transportation

    Senior Vice President-Intermodal

    ["Shane Blair","Swift Transportation","Senior Vice President-Intermodal"]
  • Dan Bresolin


    Vice President, Intermodal

    ["Dan Bresolin","CN","Vice President, Intermodal"]
  • Jonathan Briggs

    Nimble Autonomous Fulfillment

    Vice President, Sales & Solutions

    ["Jonathan Briggs","Nimble Autonomous Fulfillment","Vice President, Sales & Solutions"]
  • Nathan Browne

    Werner Enterprises

    Vice President, Logistics

    ["Nathan Browne","Werner Enterprises","Vice President, Logistics"]
  • Ed Burns (Big Ed)

    Burns Logistics Solutions

    Founder and President

    ["Ed Burns (Big Ed)","Burns Logistics Solutions","Founder and President"]
  • William B. Cassidy

    Journal of Commerce by S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic Transportation

    ["William B. Cassidy","Journal of Commerce by S&P Global","Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic Transportation"]
  • Melissa Contrevo

    Five Below

    Director-International Logistics

    ["Melissa Contrevo","Five Below","Director-International Logistics"]
  • Keith Crenshaw

    Matson Logistics

    Vice President, Transportation

    ["Keith Crenshaw","Matson Logistics","Vice President, Transportation"]
  • Dean Croke

    DAT Freight & Analytics

    Principal Analyst

    ["Dean Croke","DAT Freight & Analytics","Principal Analyst"]
  • Johnny Curiel

    J.B. Hunt Transport Services

    Vice President-Mexico Services

    ["Johnny Curiel","J.B. Hunt Transport Services","Vice President-Mexico Services"]
  • Anthony (Tony) Darnell

    Lippert Components

    Shipping Manager

    ["Anthony (Tony) Darnell","Lippert Components","Shipping Manager"]
  • Kristina Deprey

    Paper Transport

    Director-Intermodal Logistics

    ["Kristina Deprey","Paper Transport","Director-Intermodal Logistics"]
  • Jordan Dewart

    Redwood Logistics


    ["Jordan Dewart","Redwood Logistics","President-Mexico"]
  • Heather Dohrn

    Dohrn Transfer

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Heather Dohrn","Dohrn Transfer","Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Chris Dombrowski

    U.S. Multimodal Group

    Senior Vice President-Sales

    ["Chris Dombrowski","U.S. Multimodal Group","Senior Vice President-Sales"]
  • Katie Drew

    John Deere

    Logistics Analyst

    ["Katie Drew","John Deere","Logistics Analyst"]
  • Karen Duff

    International Express Trucking

    Founder, President and CEO

    ["Karen Duff","International Express Trucking","Founder, President and CEO"]
  • Brad Elam

    Gulf Winds

    Vice President, Business Development

    ["Brad Elam","Gulf Winds","Vice President, Business Development"]
  • Tim Erion

    Flexi-Van Leasing

    Sr. Vice President, Operations

    ["Tim Erion","Flexi-Van Leasing","Sr. Vice President, Operations"]
  • Cody Fox

    Backyard Discovery

    President and CEO

    ["Cody Fox","Backyard Discovery","President and CEO"]
  • Spencer Frazier

    J.B. Hunt Transport Services

    Executive Vice President-Sales and Marketing

    ["Spencer Frazier","J.B. Hunt Transport Services","Executive Vice President-Sales and Marketing"]
  • Curtis Garrett

    Understand LTL


    ["Curtis Garrett","Understand LTL","Founder"]
  • Nicole Glenn

    Candor Expedite

    Founder and CEO

    ["Nicole Glenn","Candor Expedite","Founder and CEO"]
  • Nate Graglia

    The Wallport Companies

    Executive Vice President

    ["Nate Graglia","The Wallport Companies","Executive Vice President"]
  • Zac Graham


    Vice President, Business Development

    ["Zac Graham","Velociti","Vice President, Business Development"]
  • Teri Griffis

    Journal of Commerce by S&P Global

    Associate Editor

    ["Teri Griffis","Journal of Commerce by S&P Global","Associate Editor"]
  • Lawrence Gross

    Gross Transportation Consulting

    President and Founder

    ["Lawrence Gross","Gross Transportation Consulting","President and Founder"]
  • Alexandra Haggerty

    LKQ Corporation

    Director of Logistics

    ["Alexandra Haggerty","LKQ Corporation","Director of Logistics"]
  • Mike Hatfield

    Berlin Packaging

    Senior Manager, Global Logistics

    ["Mike Hatfield","Berlin Packaging","Senior Manager, Global Logistics"]
  • Jason Hilsenbeck

    Loadmatch and Drayage.com


    ["Jason Hilsenbeck","Loadmatch and Drayage.com","President"]
  • Jake Hoffman

    Gnosis Freight

    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Jake Hoffman","Gnosis Freight","Chief Technology Officer"]
  • Bobby Holland

    U.S. Bank

    Vice President/Director of Freight Business Analytics

    ["Bobby Holland","U.S. Bank","Vice President/Director of Freight Business Analytics"]
  • Tim Humbert

    C.H. Robinson Worldwide

    Vice President-North American Intermodal

    ["Tim Humbert","C.H. Robinson Worldwide","Vice President-North American Intermodal"]
  • Craig Ingram

    Asset Based Intermodal


    ["Craig Ingram","Asset Based Intermodal","Owner"]
  • Chris Jamroz


    Executive Chairman and CEO

    ["Chris Jamroz","Roadrunner","Executive Chairman and CEO"]
  • Tomasz Jamroz


    Head of Technology and Operations

    ["Tomasz Jamroz","Roadrunner","Head of Technology and Operations"]
  • Reed Janousek

    Union Pacific

    Assistant Vice President - Intermodal Sales, Marketing and Sales

    ["Reed Janousek","Union Pacific","Assistant Vice President - Intermodal Sales, Marketing and Sales"]
  • John Janson


    Vice President of Global Logistics

    ["John Janson","SanMar","Vice President of Global Logistics"]
  • Andrew Johnson

    CSX Transportation

    Head of Domestic Intermodal

    ["Andrew Johnson","CSX Transportation","Head of Domestic Intermodal"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Technology, Journal of Commerce

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Technology, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Kate Jostworth


    Head of Strategy and Product Development-First Mile, North American Logistics and Services

    ["Kate Jostworth","Maersk","Head of Strategy and Product Development-First Mile, North American Logistics and Services"]
  • Annmarie Kerr

    Kansas City Drayage

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Annmarie Kerr","Kansas City Drayage","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Lee Klaskow

    Bloomberg Intelligence

    Sector Head and Senior Analyst-Freight Transportation and Logistics

    ["Lee Klaskow","Bloomberg Intelligence","Sector Head and Senior Analyst-Freight Transportation and Logistics"]
  • Jennifer Kobus

    Ulta Beauty

    Vice President, Transportation & Logistics

    ["Jennifer Kobus","Ulta Beauty","Vice President, Transportation & Logistics"]
  • Donna Lemm

    IMC Cos.

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Donna Lemm","IMC Cos.","Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Keith Lewis


    Vice President-Operations

    ["Keith Lewis","CargoNet","Vice President-Operations"]
  • Brian McKiernan


    Senior Vice President-Development

    ["Brian McKiernan","CenterPoint","Senior Vice President-Development"]
  • Jennifer McNeill

    True Value

    Senior Vice President-Supply Chain

    ["Jennifer McNeill","True Value","Senior Vice President-Supply Chain"]
  • Walter “Mitch” Mitchell

    Tai Software


    ["Walter “Mitch” Mitchell","Tai Software","CEO"]
  • Jim Monkmeyer

    DHL Supply Chain

    President-Transportation and LLP North Americ

    ["Jim Monkmeyer","DHL Supply Chain","President-Transportation and LLP North Americ"]
  • Robert Morris Jr.

    The Kellogg Co.

    Director-Supply Planning

    ["Robert Morris Jr.","The Kellogg Co.","Director-Supply Planning"]
  • Cathy Morrow Roberson

    S&P Global

    Trade Analyst, Journal of Commerce

    ["Cathy Morrow Roberson","S&P Global","Trade Analyst, Journal of Commerce","S&P Global"]
  • Geoffrey Muessig


    Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

    ["Geoffrey Muessig","PITT OHIO","Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer"]
  • Alyssa Myers


    Vice President Brokerage Technology

    ["Alyssa Myers","RXO","Vice President Brokerage Technology"]
  • Tom Nightingale

    AFS Logistics


    ["Tom Nightingale","AFS Logistics","CEO"]
  • Val Noel

    TRAC Intermodal

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

    ["Val Noel","TRAC Intermodal","Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer"]
  • Lisa Obecny

    Winland Foods

    Transportation Manager

    ["Lisa Obecny","Winland Foods","Transportation Manager"]
  • Chadd Olesen


    Founder and CEO

    ["Chadd Olesen","AVRL","Founder and CEO"]
  • Desiree Paoli


    Senior Manager-Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

    ["Desiree Paoli","Walgreens","Senior Manager-Reverse Logistics Supply Chain"]
  • Holly Pearce

    C+D Technologies

    Director of Logistics

    ["Holly Pearce","C+D Technologies","Director of Logistics"]
  • Craig Pettit

    Bridgestone Americas

    Executive Director-International Logistics and Trade Compliance

    ["Craig Pettit","Bridgestone Americas","Executive Director-International Logistics and Trade Compliance"]
  • Emily Petway


    Founder, and Executive Director

    ["Emily Petway","GiveNKind","Founder, and Executive Director"]
  • Derek Poole

    W.W. Grainger

    Sr. Manager, Transportation Procurement

    ["Derek Poole","W.W. Grainger","Sr. Manager, Transportation Procurement"]
  • Scott Pruneau

    ITS Logistics


    ["Scott Pruneau","ITS Logistics","CEO"]
  • Mike Regan

    TranzAct Technologies

    Chief Relationship Officer

    ["Mike Regan","TranzAct Technologies","Chief Relationship Officer"]
  • John Roetter

    President, International Transload Logistics & Owner, Transport One

    ["John Roetter","","President, International Transload Logistics & Owner, Transport One"]
  • Dawn Salvucci-Favier


    CEO and Chief Product Officer

    ["Dawn Salvucci-Favier","Greenscreens.ai","CEO and Chief Product Officer"]
  • Ryan Schreiber


    Chief Growth Officer

    ["Ryan Schreiber","Metafora","Chief Growth Officer"]
  • Scott Shannon

    C.H. Robinson

    Vice President-Cross Border Solutions

    ["Scott Shannon","C.H. Robinson","Vice President-Cross Border Solutions"]
  • Adam Shumake

    Nissan North America

    Sr Manager International Logistics

    ["Adam Shumake","Nissan North America","Sr Manager International Logistics"]
  • Matt Silver

    Arrive Logistics

    Vice President-Cross-Border Solutions

    ["Matt Silver","Arrive Logistics","Vice President-Cross-Border Solutions"]
  • Ryan Soskin


    Co-Founder and, CEO

    ["Ryan Soskin","GoodShip","Co-Founder and, CEO"]
  • Paul Svindland

    STG Logistics


    ["Paul Svindland","STG Logistics","CEO"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    Journal of Commerce by S&P Global

    Executive Editor

    ["Mark Szakonyi","Journal of Commerce by S&P Global","Executive Editor"]
  • John Tozer


    Chief Operating Officer

    ["John Tozer","newtrul","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Jason Traff


    President and Co-Founder

    ["Jason Traff","Shipwell","President and Co-Founder"]
  • Shawn Tureman

    Norfolk Southern

    Director-Intermodal Planning and Automotive Marketing

    ["Shawn Tureman","Norfolk Southern","Director-Intermodal Planning and Automotive Marketing"]
  • Douglas R. Waggoner

    Echo Global Logistics


    ["Douglas R. Waggoner","Echo Global Logistics","CEO"]
  • Jonathan Wahba


    Senior Vice-President, Intermodal Automotive, and Bulk

    ["Jonathan Wahba","CPKC","Senior Vice-President, Intermodal Automotive, and Bulk"]
  • Thomas G. Williams

    BNSF Railway

    Group Vice President-Consumer Products

    ["Thomas G. Williams","BNSF Railway","Group Vice President-Consumer Products"]
  • Vince Zuppa


    Vice President, Property Management

    ["Vince Zuppa","Prologis","Vice President, Property Management"]