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Inland22 Speakers

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  • Jeff Abeson

    Ryder System, Inc.,

    Vice President, Business Development, Supply Chain Solutions

    ["Jeff Abeson","Ryder System, Inc.,","Vice President, Business Development, Supply Chain Solutions"]
  • Crystal Anderson


    Director-North American Logistics

    ["Crystal Anderson","Ingredion","Director-North American Logistics"]
  • Tobenna Arodiogbu



    ["Tobenna Arodiogbu","CloudTrucks","CEO"]
  • Ari Ashe

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Southeast Ports and Intermodal Rail, JOC

    ["Ari Ashe","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Southeast Ports and Intermodal Rail, JOC"]
  • Michael Baumgardt


    Senior Vice President and General Manager-Intermodal

    ["Michael Baumgardt","Schneider","Senior Vice President and General Manager-Intermodal"]
  • Martin Bernstein

    Hallmark Cards

    Senior Director-Global Transportation and Trade Compliance

    ["Martin Bernstein","Hallmark Cards","Senior Director-Global Transportation and Trade Compliance"]
  • Paul Bingham

    S&P Global Market Intelligence

    Director, Transportation Consulting

    ["Paul Bingham","S&P Global Market Intelligence","Director, Transportation Consulting"]
  • Michael Bookout


    Co-Founder and CEO

    ["Michael Bookout","MyCarrier","Co-Founder and CEO"]
  • Christopher Brach

    Radiant Road & Rail Services

    Senior Vice President, General Manager

    ["Christopher Brach","Radiant Road & Rail Services","Senior Vice President, General Manager"]
  • Dale Butterfield


    Director, Global Logistics

    ["Dale Butterfield","ATD","Director, Global Logistics"]
  • Felipe Capella


    Co-founder and CEO

    ["Felipe Capella","Loadsmart","Co-founder and CEO"]
  • William B. Cassidy

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Trucking and Domestic Transportation, JOC

    ["William B. Cassidy","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Trucking and Domestic Transportation, JOC"]
  • Burak Cendek

    Autotech Ventures


    ["Burak Cendek","Autotech Ventures","Partner"]
  • John Cesario

    Carrier Logistics Inc.

    Vice President-Operations

    ["John Cesario","Carrier Logistics Inc.","Vice President-Operations"]
  • Dean Croke

    DAT Freight & Analytics

    Principal Analyst

    ["Dean Croke","DAT Freight & Analytics","Principal Analyst"]
  • Ben Cubitt


    Senior Vice President-Procurement and Engineering

    ["Ben Cubitt","Transplace","Senior Vice President-Procurement and Engineering"]
  • Todd Davis

    KLLM Transport Services

    Vice President-Intermodal

    ["Todd Davis","KLLM Transport Services","Vice President-Intermodal"]
  • Robert Davy

    Kubota Tractor Corporation

    Director, Supply Chain Operations

    ["Robert Davy","Kubota Tractor Corporation","Director, Supply Chain Operations"]
  • Tom Dean


    President and CEO

    ["Tom Dean","Renaissant","President and CEO"]
  • Heather Dohrn

    Dohrn Transfer

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Heather Dohrn","Dohrn Transfer","Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Karen Duff

    International Express Trucking

    President and CEO

    ["Karen Duff","International Express Trucking","President and CEO"]
  • Jack Echeverria


    Senior Manager-Global Logistics

    ["Jack Echeverria","Wayfair","Senior Manager-Global Logistics"]
  • Eric Ellis

    ContainerPort Group

    Regional Director, Gulf

    ["Eric Ellis","ContainerPort Group","Regional Director, Gulf"]
  • Karen Galena

    First Logistics Specialized Services


    ["Karen Galena","First Logistics Specialized Services","President"]
  • Guillermo Garcia


    CEO and Co-Founder

    ["Guillermo Garcia","SmartHop","CEO and Co-Founder"]
  • Curtis Garrett

    FreightPlus, Understand LTL

    Sr Vice President, Founder

    ["Curtis Garrett","FreightPlus, Understand LTL","Sr Vice President, Founder"]
  • Stephen Gniadecki


    Vice President, Supply Chain

    ["Stephen Gniadecki","Mush","Vice President, Supply Chain"]
  • Leo Gorodinski


    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Leo Gorodinski","Alvys","Chief Technology Officer"]
  • Nate Graglia

    The Wallport Companies

    Executive Vice President

    ["Nate Graglia","The Wallport Companies","Executive Vice President"]
  • Lawrence Gross

    Gross Transportation Consulting

    President and Founder

    ["Lawrence Gross","Gross Transportation Consulting","President and Founder"]
  • Barbara Hall

    Bunzl International Services

    Director, International Operations

    ["Barbara Hall","Bunzl International Services","Director, International Operations"]
  • Darrel Harris

    Yellow Corp

    President and Chief Operating Officer

    ["Darrel Harris","Yellow Corp","President and Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Lance Healy


    Vice President-LTL Innovation

    ["Lance Healy","Optym","Vice President-LTL Innovation"]
  • Scott Hernandez

    BNSF Railway

    Assistant Vice President, Intermodal Strategy/Innovation

    ["Scott Hernandez","BNSF Railway","Assistant Vice President, Intermodal Strategy/Innovation"]
  • Erica Hill

    Independent Dispatch

    Intermodal Director

    ["Erica Hill","Independent Dispatch","Intermodal Director"]
  • Frank Hurst



    ["Frank Hurst","Roadrunner","President"]
  • Brent Hutto


    Chief Relationship Officer

    ["Brent Hutto","Truckstop.com","Chief Relationship Officer"]
  • Bob Ilibasic

    ContainerPort Group

    Terminal Manager, Chicago

    ["Bob Ilibasic","ContainerPort Group","Terminal Manager, Chicago"]
  • Craig Ingram

    Asset Based Intermodal


    ["Craig Ingram","Asset Based Intermodal","Owner"]
  • Kary Jablonski

    Trucker Tools


    ["Kary Jablonski","Trucker Tools","CEO"]
  • John Janson


    Senior Director - Global Logistics

    ["John Janson","SanMar","Senior Director - Global Logistics"]
  • Joe Jaska

    DB Schenker

    Head of Land Product, Region Americas

    ["Joe Jaska","DB Schenker","Head of Land Product, Region Americas"]
  • Leahruth Jemilo

    Corbin Advisors

    Vice President and Head of ESG Practice

    ["Leahruth Jemilo","Corbin Advisors","Vice President and Head of ESG Practice"]
  • Ryan Jirmasek

    Topocean Consolidation Service

    Midwest Regional Sales Manager

    ["Ryan Jirmasek","Topocean Consolidation Service","Midwest Regional Sales Manager"]
  • Andrew (Drew) Johnson


    Head of Domestic Intermodal

    ["Andrew (Drew) Johnson","CSX","Head of Domestic Intermodal"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Director/Senior Technology Editor, JOC

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Director/Senior Technology Editor, JOC"]
  • Kaleigh Jones

    Legacy Investing

    Senior Director, Portfolio Development

    ["Kaleigh Jones","Legacy Investing","Senior Director, Portfolio Development"]
  • Samantha Jones

    Rocket Shipping

    Vice President-Revenue

    ["Samantha Jones","Rocket Shipping","Vice President-Revenue"]
  • Annmarie Kerr

    Kansas City Drayage

    Executive Director

    ["Annmarie Kerr","Kansas City Drayage","Executive Director"]
  • Kari Kirchhoefer

    Union Pacific Railroad

    Vice President-Premium, Marketing, and Sales

    ["Kari Kirchhoefer","Union Pacific Railroad","Vice President-Premium, Marketing, and Sales"]
  • Jon Krystek

    Knichel Logistics

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Jon Krystek","Knichel Logistics","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Weston LaBar


    Chief Strategy Officer

    ["Weston LaBar","Cargomatic","Chief Strategy Officer"]
  • Donna Lemm

    IMC Companies

    Chief Commercial Officer, National Sales

    ["Donna Lemm","IMC Companies","Chief Commercial Officer, National Sales"]
  • Andrew Leto


    Founder & CEO

    ["Andrew Leto","Emerge","Founder & CEO"]
  • Daniel Maffei

    Federal Maritime Commission


    ["Daniel Maffei","Federal Maritime Commission","Chairman"]
  • Mark McKendry

    NFI Industries

    Senior Vice President-Intermodal

    ["Mark McKendry","NFI Industries","Senior Vice President-Intermodal"]
  • Charles Miller

    Executive Vice President, Evans Transportation Services

    Executive Vice President

    ["Charles Miller","Executive Vice President, Evans Transportation Services","Executive Vice President"]
  • Cathy Morrow Roberson

    S&P Global

    Research Analyst, Journal of Commerce

    ["Cathy Morrow Roberson","S&P Global","Research Analyst, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Andy Moses

    Penske Logistics

    Senior Vice President-Sales and Solutions

    ["Andy Moses","Penske Logistics","Senior Vice President-Sales and Solutions"]
  • Heather Mueller


    Chief Marketing and Product Officer

    ["Heather Mueller","Breakthrough","Chief Marketing and Product Officer"]
  • Geoffrey Muessig

    Pitt Ohio

    Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

    ["Geoffrey Muessig","Pitt Ohio","Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President"]
  • Michael Murphy

    CenterPoint Properties

    Chief Development Officer

    ["Michael Murphy","CenterPoint Properties","Chief Development Officer"]
  • Sam Niness

    Norfolk Southern

    President, Triple Crown Services

    ["Sam Niness","Norfolk Southern","President, Triple Crown Services"]
  • Val Noel

    TRAC Intermodal

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

    ["Val Noel","TRAC Intermodal","Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer"]
  • Dustin Ohlman

    Swift Transportation

    Senior Vice President, Intermodal

    ["Dustin Ohlman","Swift Transportation","Senior Vice President, Intermodal"]
  • Garry Old

    COFC Logistics

    Founder and President

    ["Garry Old","COFC Logistics","Founder and President"]
  • Mike O'Malley

    Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI)

    Senior Vice President-Government and Public Relations

    ["Mike O'Malley","Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI)","Senior Vice President-Government and Public Relations"]
  • Scott Orbin

    Campbell Soup Co.

    Transportation Director

    ["Scott Orbin","Campbell Soup Co.","Transportation Director"]
  • Michael Paladino

    J.B. Hunt Transport Services

    Vice President-Intermodal Network Planning

    ["Michael Paladino","J.B. Hunt Transport Services","Vice President-Intermodal Network Planning"]
  • Holly Pearce

    C+D Technologies and Trojan Battery Company

    Director-Materials and Logistics

    ["Holly Pearce","C+D Technologies and Trojan Battery Company","Director-Materials and Logistics"]
  • Anshu Prasad

    Leaf Logistics


    ["Anshu Prasad","Leaf Logistics","CEO"]
  • Mike Regan

    TranzAct Technologies

    Co-Founder and Chief of Relationship Development

    ["Mike Regan","TranzAct Technologies","Co-Founder and Chief of Relationship Development"]
  • Adam Robinson

    The Robinson Agency

    CEO and Founder

    ["Adam Robinson","The Robinson Agency","CEO and Founder"]
  • Adam Rodery

    MODE Global

    Vice President, Intermodal and Rail

    ["Adam Rodery","MODE Global","Vice President, Intermodal and Rail"]
  • Santosh Sankar

    Dynamo Ventures

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner

    ["Santosh Sankar","Dynamo Ventures","Co-Founder and Managing Partner"]
  • Michael Schaughnessy

    Balsam Brands

    Senior Vice President-Operations, Supply Chain, and Emerging Markets

    ["Michael Schaughnessy","Balsam Brands","Senior Vice President-Operations, Supply Chain, and Emerging Markets"]
  • Tom Schmitt

    Forward Air

    Chairman, President, and CEO

    ["Tom Schmitt","Forward Air","Chairman, President, and CEO"]
  • Phil Shook

    Milestone Equipment Holdings

    Executive Vice President-Domestic Intermodal

    ["Phil Shook","Milestone Equipment Holdings","Executive Vice President-Domestic Intermodal"]
  • Keith Stauber

    JLL Chicago

    Managing Director

    ["Keith Stauber","JLL Chicago","Managing Director"]
  • Paul Svindland

    STG Logistics


    ["Paul Svindland","STG Logistics","CEO"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    S&P Global

    Executive Editor, Journal of Commerce

    ["Mark Szakonyi","S&P Global","Executive Editor, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Roberta Tamburrino


    Senior Vice President-Logistics Operations

    ["Roberta Tamburrino","Inexption","Senior Vice President-Logistics Operations"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    S&P Global

    Vice President-Shipping Intelligence

    ["Peter Tirschwell","S&P Global","Vice President-Shipping Intelligence"]
  • Angelo Ventrone


    Vice President, Logistics

    ["Angelo Ventrone","Uline","Vice President, Logistics"]
  • Kate Vitasek

    University of Tennessee

    Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education

    ["Kate Vitasek","University of Tennessee","Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education"]
  • Robert (Bob) Wahlin

    Stoughton Trailers

    President & CEO

    ["Robert (Bob) Wahlin","Stoughton Trailers","President & CEO"]
  • Sue Wiley

    Fellows Brands

    Senior Logistics Manager

    ["Sue Wiley","Fellows Brands","Senior Logistics Manager"]
  • Mark Yeager

    Redwood Logistics


    ["Mark Yeager","Redwood Logistics","CEO"]