• April 23-25, 2025 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Louisiana

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Structure and Stretch: Building the Next Generation of Breakbulk and Project Logistics Professionals

Friday, 26 April

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm (CST) / 26/apr/2024 05:15 pm - 26/apr/2024 06:15 pm

Teaching a new generation of breakbulk and project logistics practitioners the ropes has never been more important — and yet newcomers often face a sink-or-swim, ad-hoc introduction to breakbulk and project logistics that offers little in terms of structure or a clear path forward. How can breakbulk shippers and logistics service providers attract and train a new generation into this little-known, complex, and challenging industry segment? How should veterans hand down their hard-won institutional knowledge, and how can a famously non-diverse industry demonstrate that it values diversity in newcomers? Conversely, what can the industry learn from a tech-savvy generation that values flexibility and innovation but also needs support and guidance? In this final session of the Journal of Commerce’s 2024 Breakbulk and Project Cargo Conference, breakbulk and project industry logistics executives will discuss successful efforts to attract, train, and retain newcomers eager to launch successful careers — and hear from audience members willing to share their experiences.

Session Track: Focus Session

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