• April 24-26, 2024 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Louisiana

Breakbulk23 Speakers


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  • Mance Adams


    BDTC Logistics Manager and Duty Drawback Project Manager

    ["Mance Adams","SLB","BDTC Logistics Manager and Duty Drawback Project Manager"]
  • Addison Albin


    Project Logistics Manager

    ["Addison Albin","Kiewit","Project Logistics Manager"]
  • Laurence Allan

    S&P Global

    Director-Economics and Global Risk

    ["Laurence Allan","S&P Global","Director-Economics and Global Risk"]
  • John Amos

    Amos Logistics


    ["John Amos","Amos Logistics","President"]
  • Justin Archard

    One World Shipbrokers

    Managing Partner and Founder

    ["Justin Archard","One World Shipbrokers","Managing Partner and Founder"]
  • Jost Bergmann


    Business Director-MPV and General Cargo Ships

    ["Jost Bergmann","DNV","Business Director-MPV and General Cargo Ships"]
  • Kathy Canaan


    Global Director, Trade Compliance

    ["Kathy Canaan","Fluor","Global Director, Trade Compliance"]
  • William B. Cassidy

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic Transportation, Journal of Commerce

    ["William B. Cassidy","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic Transportation, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Dea Chincuanco

    dship Carriers

    Vice President, Strategy and Commercial Management

    ["Dea Chincuanco","dship Carriers","Vice President, Strategy and Commercial Management"]
  • Brandy Christian

    President and CEO Port of New Orleans, CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

    ["Brandy Christian","","President and CEO Port of New Orleans, CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad"]
  • Matthew Costello

    Voyager Portal

    Founder and, CEO

    ["Matthew Costello","Voyager Portal","Founder and, CEO"]
  • Amanda Coughlin

    BBC Chartering USA

    Senior Chartering Broker

    ["Amanda Coughlin","BBC Chartering USA","Senior Chartering Broker"]
  • Harrison Crabtree

    Greater New Orleans, Inc.

    World Trade Center of New Orleans

    ["Harrison Crabtree","Greater New Orleans, Inc.","World Trade Center of New Orleans"]
  • Anthony Croley

    Ceres Barge Line

    Project Sales & Heavy Lift

    ["Anthony Croley","Ceres Barge Line","Project Sales & Heavy Lift"]
  • Francisca Cruz


    Vice President-Liner Service

    ["Francisca Cruz","Intermarine","Vice President-Liner Service"]
  • David H. Cummins

    Blue Sky Maritime Coalition

    President and CEO

    ["David H. Cummins","Blue Sky Maritime Coalition","President and CEO"]
  • Thomas Damsgaard


    Head of Americas

    ["Thomas Damsgaard","BIMCO","Head of Americas"]
  • Diana Davila

    UTC Overseas

    Senior Vice President-US Operations

    ["Diana Davila","UTC Overseas","Senior Vice President-US Operations","Featured"]
  • Ann De Smet

    Port of Antwerp-Bruges

    Key Account Manager

    ["Ann De Smet","Port of Antwerp-Bruges","Key Account Manager"]
  • Maartje Driessens

    Port of Açu

    International Business Development , Terminals & Logistics

    ["Maartje Driessens","Port of Açu","International Business Development , Terminals & Logistics"]
  • Billy Everett


    Sales Manager-Heavy Haulage and Lifting

    ["Billy Everett","Fagioli","Sales Manager-Heavy Haulage and Lifting"]
  • Roberto Frigeni

    RollDock USA

    Managing Director

    ["Roberto Frigeni","RollDock USA","Managing Director"]
  • Michael Gallagher

    BNSF Logistics

    Direct, Rail Sales

    ["Michael Gallagher","BNSF Logistics","Direct, Rail Sales"]
  • Stephen Garifalos

    MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

    National Director, OOG, & Specialized Cargo Sales

    ["Stephen Garifalos","MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company","National Director, OOG, & Specialized Cargo Sales"]
  • Cameron Gibson

    Port of New Orleans

    Business Development Manager

    ["Cameron Gibson","Port of New Orleans","Business Development Manager"]
  • John Hark

    Director-North America, Bertling, and Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University

    ["John Hark","","Director-North America, Bertling, and Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University"]
  • Martin Harren

    Harren & Partner Group/SAL


    ["Martin Harren","Harren & Partner Group/SAL","CEO"]
  • Corrie Henry


    Senior Logistics Manager-North America West and Gulf Coast

    ["Corrie Henry","Worley","Senior Logistics Manager-North America West and Gulf Coast"]
  • Anders Hyrup

    Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, USA


    ["Anders Hyrup","Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, USA","President"]
  • Michael Izdebski

    Plug Power

    Senior Supply Chain Systems Manager

    ["Michael Izdebski","Plug Power","Senior Supply Chain Systems Manager"]
  • Peter Jessup

    Proactive Change LLC

    Supply Chain Consultant

    ["Peter Jessup","Proactive Change LLC","Supply Chain Consultant"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Logistics Technology- Journal of Commerce

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Logistics Technology- Journal of Commerce"]
  • Katherine Koppe

    GEODIS Project Logistics

    Global Director, Business Development

    ["Katherine Koppe","GEODIS Project Logistics","Global Director, Business Development","Featured"]
  • Scott Krantzcke

    G2 Ocean

    Managing Director-Atlantic

    ["Scott Krantzcke","G2 Ocean","Managing Director-Atlantic"]
  • Mark Lockwood

    Fracht FWO

    Vice President, Key Accounts, Corporate Counsel- Projects

    ["Mark Lockwood","Fracht FWO","Vice President, Key Accounts, Corporate Counsel- Projects"]
  • Kattya Lorena Distefano

    DHL Global Forwarding

    Business Development Manager, Industrial Projects

    ["Kattya Lorena Distefano","DHL Global Forwarding","Business Development Manager, Industrial Projects"]
  • Frances Mackey


    Global Logistics, Supply Chain Mgmt

    ["Frances Mackey","Halliburton","Global Logistics, Supply Chain Mgmt"]
  • Dennis Mottola

    Global Logistics Consultant

    ["Dennis Mottola","","Global Logistics Consultant"]
  • Frank Mueller

    AAL Shipping (AAL)

    General Manager

    ["Frank Mueller","AAL Shipping (AAL)","General Manager"]
  • Yorck Niclas Prehm

    Toepfer Transport

    Head of Research

    ["Yorck Niclas Prehm","Toepfer Transport","Head of Research"]
  • Janet Nodar

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Breakbulk, Project, and Heavy-Lift Shipping, Journal of Commerce

    ["Janet Nodar","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Breakbulk, Project, and Heavy-Lift Shipping, Journal of Commerce","S&P Global"]
  • Susan Oatway FICS

    S&P Global

    Research Analyst-Breakbulk and Project Shipping, Journal of Commerce

    ["Susan Oatway FICS","S&P Global","Research Analyst-Breakbulk and Project Shipping, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Sammy Parker

    Bechtel Global Logistics

    Logistics Estimating Manager

    ["Sammy Parker","Bechtel Global Logistics","Logistics Estimating Manager"]
  • Marco Poisler

    UTC Overseas

    Chief Operating Officer-Global Energy and Capital Projects

    ["Marco Poisler","UTC Overseas","Chief Operating Officer-Global Energy and Capital Projects"]
  • Christopher Popjoy

    QSL America

    Business Development

    ["Christopher Popjoy","QSL America","Business Development"]
  • Brian Putallaz

    Global Shippers Association (GSA)

    Global Commodity Manager

    ["Brian Putallaz","Global Shippers Association (GSA)","Global Commodity Manager"]
  • Joye Runfola

    Air Liquide USA

    Logistics Principal, Americas Procurement Center

    ["Joye Runfola","Air Liquide USA","Logistics Principal, Americas Procurement Center","Featured"]
  • Felix Schoeller

    AAL Shipping

    Commercial Director

    ["Felix Schoeller","AAL Shipping","Commercial Director"]
  • Stephen Spoljaric


    Corporate Manager, Global Logistics

    ["Stephen Spoljaric","Bechtel","Corporate Manager, Global Logistics"]
  • Dominik Stehle

    United Heavy Lift (UHL)

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Dominik Stehle","United Heavy Lift (UHL)","Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    S&P Global

    Vice President-Shipping Intelligence

    ["Peter Tirschwell","S&P Global","Vice President-Shipping Intelligence"]
  • Olga Torres

    Founder and Managing Member of Torres Trade Law and its affiliate advisory firm Torres Trade Advisory

    ["Olga Torres","Founder and Managing Member of Torres Trade Law and its affiliate advisory firm Torres Trade Advisory",""]
  • John Tyrone Jones II


    Trade Director-Global Forestry Products

    ["John Tyrone Jones II","USDA-APHIS-PIM","Trade Director-Global Forestry Products"]
  • Ulrich Ulrichs

    BBC Chartering


    ["Ulrich Ulrichs","BBC Chartering","CEO"]
  • Hill Vaden

    S&P Global

    Executive Director-Global Energy to Finance,

    ["Hill Vaden","S&P Global","Executive Director-Global Energy to Finance,"]
  • Cyril Joseph Varghese


    Global Logistics Director

    ["Cyril Joseph Varghese","Fluor","Global Logistics Director"]
  • Alexander Vavarenko


    Founder and CEO

    ["Alexander Vavarenko","SHIPNEXT","Founder and CEO"]
  • Cynthia Worley


    Vice President, Strategic Accounts

    ["Cynthia Worley","SEDNA","Vice President, Strategic Accounts"]
  • Jim Yarbrough

    Bayer Crop Science

    Global Bulk Logistics Strategy Lead

    ["Jim Yarbrough","Bayer Crop Science","Global Bulk Logistics Strategy Lead"]