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  • 25-27 April 2022 | #Breakbulk22
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Breakbulk 2022 Speakers


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  • Justin Archard

    One World Shipbrokers

    Managing Director

    ["Justin Archard","One World Shipbrokers","Managing Director"]
  • Kate Ballengee

    Metro Group Maritime

    Counsel and Director of Business Development

    ["Kate Ballengee","Metro Group Maritime","Counsel and Director of Business Development"]
  • Flavio Battista

    Wallenius Wilhelmsen

    Senior Vice President, Americas Sales

    ["Flavio Battista","Wallenius Wilhelmsen","Senior Vice President, Americas Sales"]
  • Jim Burkhard

    S&P Global

    Vice President & Head of Research for Oil Markets, Energy & Mobility

    ["Jim Burkhard","S&P Global","Vice President & Head of Research for Oil Markets, Energy & Mobility"]
  • William B. Cassidy

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["William B. Cassidy","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Felipe Cecilio

    Siemens Gamesa

    Head of North America Transportation & Logistics

    ["Felipe Cecilio","Siemens Gamesa","Head of North America Transportation & Logistics"]
  • Brandy Christian

    President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans, CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

    ["Brandy Christian","President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans, CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad",""]
  • Matthew Costello

    Voyager Portal


    ["Matthew Costello","Voyager Portal","CEO"]
  • Amanda Coughlin

    BBC Chartering USA

    Senior Chartering Broker

    ["Amanda Coughlin","BBC Chartering USA","Senior Chartering Broker"]
  • Diana Davila

    UTC Overseas

    Project Director and Houston Branch Manager

    ["Diana Davila","UTC Overseas","Project Director and Houston Branch Manager","Featured"]
  • Robert Drew

    Tata International

    Director, Global Chartering, Operations

    ["Robert Drew","Tata International","Director, Global Chartering, Operations"]
  • Arturus (Art) Espaillat

    Atlas Pathfinder


    ["Arturus (Art) Espaillat","Atlas Pathfinder","Principal"]
  • Talon Felts


    Manager, Procurement and Materials-Logistics

    ["Talon Felts","KBR","Manager, Procurement and Materials-Logistics"]
  • John Hark

    Bertling Logistics

    Regional Director, North America

    ["John Hark","Bertling Logistics","Regional Director, North America"]
  • Agustin Harriague

    Fluence Energy

    Global Director Logistics

    ["Agustin Harriague","Fluence Energy","Global Director Logistics"]
  • Michael Hecht

    Greater New Orleans Inc.

    President and CEO

    ["Michael Hecht","Greater New Orleans Inc.","President and CEO"]
  • Anders Hyrup

    Jumbo - SAL - Alliance


    ["Anders Hyrup","Jumbo - SAL - Alliance","President"]
  • Kellie Irias

    KOGA Shipping

    Commercial Director

    ["Kellie Irias","KOGA Shipping","Commercial Director"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Technology, JOC

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Technology, JOC","IHS Markit"]
  • Brian Jones


    International Logistics Manager

    ["Brian Jones","Nucor","International Logistics Manager"]
  • David King

    Gulf Wind Technology

    Co-Founder and, Chief Technology Officer

    ["David King","Gulf Wind Technology","Co-Founder and, Chief Technology Officer"]
  • Andrew Kinsey

    Liberty Mutual Insurance

    Senior Account Engineer, Ocean Marine

    ["Andrew Kinsey","Liberty Mutual Insurance","Senior Account Engineer, Ocean Marine"]
  • Merritt Lane

    Canal Barge Company, Inc.

    President and CEO

    ["Merritt Lane","Canal Barge Company, Inc.","President and CEO"]
  • Elizabeth Lowe

    Venable LLC

    Partner, International Trade and Logistics Group,

    ["Elizabeth Lowe","Venable LLC","Partner, International Trade and Logistics Group,"]
  • Janet Colley Morse

    The Dupuy Group

    Vice President

    ["Janet Colley Morse","The Dupuy Group","Vice President"]
  • Dennis Mottola

    Self Employed

    Global Logistics Consultant

    ["Dennis Mottola","Self Employed","Global Logistics Consultant"]
  • Dr. Patrick Newport

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, US Economics

    ["Dr. Patrick Newport","S&P Global","Executive Director, US Economics","IHS Markit"]
  • Janet Nodar

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Project Cargo, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Janet Nodar","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Project Cargo, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Susan Oatway


    Senior Analyst, Multipurpose & Breakbulk Shipping

    ["Susan Oatway","Drewry","Senior Analyst, Multipurpose & Breakbulk Shipping"]
  • Charles Odom


    Logistics Director

    ["Charles Odom","Halliburton","Logistics Director"]
  • Anton Posner

    The Mercury Group


    ["Anton Posner","The Mercury Group","CEO"]
  • Brian Putallaz

    Global Shippers Association (GSA)

    Global Commodity Manager

    ["Brian Putallaz","Global Shippers Association (GSA)","Global Commodity Manager"]
  • Kevin Rottinghaus

    deugro (USA), Inc.

    Regional Tender Manager

    ["Kevin Rottinghaus","deugro (USA), Inc.","Regional Tender Manager"]
  • Michael Ruediger

    Americas, Pentagon Freight Services

    Project Director, Americas

    ["Michael Ruediger","Americas, Pentagon Freight Services","Project Director, Americas"]
  • Joye Runfola

    Air Liquide USA

    Logistics Principal, Americas Procurement Center

    ["Joye Runfola","Air Liquide USA","Logistics Principal, Americas Procurement Center","Featured"]
  • Felix Schoeller

    AAL Shipping

    Commercial Director

    ["Felix Schoeller","AAL Shipping","Commercial Director"]
  • Richard Seeg



    ["Richard Seeg","Intermarine","President"]
  • Darren Shelton


    Chief Product Officer

    ["Darren Shelton","FuelTrust","Chief Product Officer"]
  • Stephen Spoljaric


    Corporate Manager of Logistics

    ["Stephen Spoljaric","Bechtel","Corporate Manager of Logistics"]
  • Dominik Stehle

    United Heavy Lift (UHL)

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Dominik Stehle","United Heavy Lift (UHL)","Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Lucas Strom

    Blue Water Shipping

    General Manager and Regional Head of Chartering

    ["Lucas Strom","Blue Water Shipping","General Manager and Regional Head of Chartering"]
  • Jake Swanson

    DHL Industrial Projects Group, Americas Operations

    Regional Vice President

    ["Jake Swanson","DHL Industrial Projects Group, Americas Operations","Regional Vice President","Featured"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    S&P Global

    Executive Editor, JOC.com and The Journal of Commerce, Maritime & Trade

    ["Mark Szakonyi","S&P Global","Executive Editor, JOC.com and The Journal of Commerce, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Maritime & Trade, and Supply Chain

    ["Peter Tirschwell","S&P Global","Vice President, Maritime & Trade, and Supply Chain","IHS Markit"]
  • Gregg Troian

    PGT Trucking


    ["Gregg Troian","PGT Trucking","President"]
  • Ulrich Ulrichs

    BBC Chartering


    ["Ulrich Ulrichs","BBC Chartering","CEO","Featured"]
  • Andy Young

    Bechtel Global Logistics

    Logistics Manager

    ["Andy Young","Bechtel Global Logistics","Logistics Manager"]