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  • 25-26 May 2021 | #Breakbulk21
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Breakbulk 2021 Speakers


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  • Flavio Batista

    Wallenius Wilhelmsen

    Senior Vice President, Americas Sales

    ["Flavio Batista","Wallenius Wilhelmsen","Senior Vice President, Americas Sales","Featured"]
  • Susan Bray

    Arcelor Mittal international America

    Logistics Director

    ["Susan Bray","Arcelor Mittal international America","Logistics Director","Featured"]
  • Matthew Costello

    Voyager Portal


    ["Matthew Costello","Voyager Portal","CEO","Featured"]
  • Diana Davila


    Project Director and Houston Branch Manager

    ["Diana Davila","UTC","Project Director and Houston Branch Manager","Featured"]
  • Pieter Flohil


    Managing Director and Member of the Board

    ["Pieter Flohil","Spliethoff","Managing Director and Member of the Board","Featured"]
  • John Hark

    Bertling Logistics

    Director, North American Chartering

    ["John Hark","Bertling Logistics","Director, North American Chartering","Featured"]
  • Rob Jacquet

    BBC Chartering

    Vice President, Commercial

    ["Rob Jacquet","BBC Chartering","Vice President, Commercial","Featured"]
  • Richard Jürgens

    deugro (USA) Inc.

    Vice President, Projects

    ["Richard Jürgens","deugro (USA) Inc.","Vice President, Projects","Featured"]
  • Katherine Koppe

    Geodis Capital Projects

    Global Director of Business Development, Industrial Projects

    ["Katherine Koppe","Geodis Capital Projects","Global Director of Business Development, Industrial Projects","Featured"]
  • Benjamin Liewald

    Fracht USA

    Executive Vice President, Projects

    ["Benjamin Liewald","Fracht USA","Executive Vice President, Projects","Featured"]
  • Matthieu Moerman

    Jumbo-SAL Alliance

    Director, Chartering & Projects

    ["Matthieu Moerman","Jumbo-SAL Alliance","Director, Chartering & Projects","Featured"]
  • Kyriacos Panayides

    AAL Shipping

    Managing Director

    ["Kyriacos Panayides","AAL Shipping","Managing Director","Featured"]
  • Charlie Papavizas

    Winston & Strawn


    ["Charlie Papavizas","Winston & Strawn","Partner","Featured"]
  • Joye Runfola

    Air Liquide USA

    Logistics Principle, Americas

    ["Joye Runfola","Air Liquide USA","Logistics Principle, Americas","Featured"]
  • Frank Schroder


    Director, Corporate Supply Chain and Trade Compliance

    ["Frank Schroder","McDermott","Director, Corporate Supply Chain and Trade Compliance","Featured"]
  • Brittany Smith

    Linde Engineering

    Associate Director and Global Logistics Head, Global Procurement Center Americas

    ["Brittany Smith","Linde Engineering","Associate Director and Global Logistics Head, Global Procurement Center Americas","Featured"]
  • Roger Strevens

    Wallenius Wilhelmsen

    Vice President, Global Sustainability

    ["Roger Strevens","Wallenius Wilhelmsen","Vice President, Global Sustainability","Featured"]
  • Peter Svensson

    Clipper Group

    Senior Vice President, and Head of Clipper Americas Inc.

    ["Peter Svensson","Clipper Group","Senior Vice President, and Head of Clipper Americas Inc.","Featured"]
  • Yuliana Wu

    Bechtel Global Logistics (BGL)

    BGL Operations Lead

    ["Yuliana Wu","Bechtel Global Logistics (BGL)","BGL Operations Lead","Featured"]
  • Andy Young


    Traffic and Logistics Manager

    ["Andy Young","Bechtel","Traffic and Logistics Manager","Featured"]
  • John Anton

    IHS Markit

    Director, Pricing and Purchasing

    ["John Anton","IHS Markit","Director, Pricing and Purchasing","IHS Markit"]
  • William B. Cassidy

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Trucking, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["William B. Cassidy","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Trucking, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Christopher Elsner

    IHS Markit

    Associate Director, Energy-Wide Perspectives

    ["Christopher Elsner","IHS Markit","Associate Director, Energy-Wide Perspectives","IHS Markit"]
  • Eric Johnson

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Eric Johnson","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Alex Klaessig

    IHS Markit

    Director, Hydrogen and Renewable Gas Forum

    ["Alex Klaessig","IHS Markit","Director, Hydrogen and Renewable Gas Forum","IHS Markit"]
  • Bill Mongelluzzo

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, West Coast, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Bill Mongelluzzo","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, West Coast, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Cathy Morrow Roberson

    IHS Markit

    Senior Contributor, Air Cargo and Parcel, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Cathy Morrow Roberson","IHS Markit","Senior Contributor, Air Cargo and Parcel, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Janet Nodar

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Janet Nodar","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Kevin Saville

    IHS Markit

    Associate Managing Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Kevin Saville","IHS Markit","Associate Managing Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Thomas Sosnowski

    IHS Markit

    Managing Editor, Americas Marine Fuels, OPIS

    ["Thomas Sosnowski","IHS Markit","Managing Editor, Americas Marine Fuels, OPIS","IHS Markit"]
  • James Stevenson

    IHS Markit

    Executive Director, Coal, Metals & Mining Group

    ["James Stevenson","IHS Markit","Executive Director, Coal, Metals & Mining Group","IHS Markit"]
  • Stuart Strachan

    IHS Markit

    Senior Vice President, Maritime & Trade

    ["Stuart Strachan","IHS Markit","Senior Vice President, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    IHS Markit

    Executive Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Mark Szakonyi","IHS Markit","Executive Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Maritime & Trade

    ["Peter Tirschwell","IHS Markit","Vice President, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Elisabeth Waelbroeck-Rocha

    IHS Markit

    Vice President & Chief International Economist

    ["Elisabeth Waelbroeck-Rocha","IHS Markit","Vice President & Chief International Economist","IHS Markit"]
  • Justin Archard

    One World Shipbrokers

    Founder and Managing Director

    ["Justin Archard","One World Shipbrokers","Founder and Managing Director"]
  • Kathy Canaan

    Fluor Corp.

    Global Director, Trade Compliance

    ["Kathy Canaan","Fluor Corp.","Global Director, Trade Compliance"]
  • Elizabeth K. Lowe

    Venable LLP


    ["Elizabeth K. Lowe","Venable LLP","Partner"]
  • Dennis Mottola

    Global Logistics Consultant

    ["Dennis Mottola","","Global Logistics Consultant"]
  • Yorck Niclas Prehm

    Toepfer Transport

    Head of Research

    ["Yorck Niclas Prehm","Toepfer Transport","Head of Research"]
  • Susan Oatway


    Senior Analyst, Multipurpose & Breakbulk Shipping

    ["Susan Oatway","Drewry","Senior Analyst, Multipurpose & Breakbulk Shipping"]
  • Brent Patterson

    Blue Water Shipping

    Regional Director, Americas, Energy & Projects

    ["Brent Patterson","Blue Water Shipping","Regional Director, Americas, Energy & Projects"]
  • Dominik Stehle

    United Heavy Lift (UHL)

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Dominik Stehle","United Heavy Lift (UHL)","Chief Commercial Officer"]