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  • 25-26 May 2021 | #Breakbulk21
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Brian Putallaz

Global Shippers Association

Senior Commodity Manager

Brian Putallaz is a Global Commodity Manager with the Global Shippers Association (GSA). The GSA is an association comprised of a multitude of some of the largest shippers in the United States. In this role, Brian leads a team providing management and support in all aspects of ocean breakbulk transportation. Responsibilities include vessel chartering, marine surveying, and stevedoring. Brian has had an extensive career in the maritime industry over the past 20 years. During the course of his career, he has managed port operations across the United States as well as taken on roles in developing markets across the globe. Brian holds a BS concentrated in global logistics and transportation from the College of Charleston as well as an MBA from Georgia Southern University.   

Sessions With Brian Putallaz

Tuesday, 25 May

  • 03:40pm - 04:10pm (EST) / 25/may/2021 07:40 pm - 25/may/2021 08:10 pm

    General Session

    Project Logistics Digitization: All, Some, or Just a Smidge?

    Supply chain visibility can be a rare commodity in the breakbulk sector. The nature of most breakbulk transportation — i.e., changing and/or unpredictable cargo types, volumes, and voyages — and its smaller scale relative to container shipping make it a challenging market to digitize. On the container shipping side, technology providers compete to handle everything from mode-specific container or surface cargo tracking to overall supply chain management with visibility thrown in as a value-added service. Such tech offerings are much sparser for breakbulk, however. This session will explore platforms that tackle all or part of the project cargo logistics supply chain and weigh their costs vs. benefits.