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  • 25-27 April 2022 | #Breakbulk22
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Brian Putallaz

Global Shippers Association (GSA)

Global Commodity Manager

Brian Putallaz is a Global Commodity Manager with the Global Shippers Association (GSA). The GSA is an association comprised of a multitude of some of the largest shippers in the United States. In this role, Brian leads a global team providing management and support in all aspects of ocean breakbulk transportation. Responsibilities include vessel chartering, marine surveying, and stevedoring. Brian has had an extensive career in the maritime industry over the past 20 years. During the course of his career, his has managed port operations across the United States as well as taken on roles developing markets across the globe. Brian holds a BS concentrated in global logistics and transportation from the College of Charleston as well an MBA from Georgia Southern University.   

Sessions With Brian Putallaz

Wednesday, 27 April

  • 01:45pm - 02:30pm (CST) / 27/apr/2022 06:45 pm - 27/apr/2022 07:30 pm

    What Happens Now: Shippers Assess the Future of LSPs

    What are project and breakbulk shippers asking of their forwarders and carriers and what are the internal and external drivers influencing shipper decision-making in a tumultuous, unprecedented market? The lines between forwarder and carrier appear to be increasingly blurring, especially as we see cash-flush ocean carriers investing in forwarding or landside assets toward offering end-to-end solutions, and forwarders becoming vessel owners/operators in addition to providing forwarding services. Are carriers and forwarders transforming themselves as a survival mechanism, to take advantage of opportunities, or both? What are the implications for shippers who are scoping their logistics service providers (LSPs) in an attempt to ensure cost, risk, and schedule predictability even as they operate in an environment of unpredictable costs and delivery variability? This panel of project industry veterans and practitioners, led by Dennis Mottola, will examine these questions from the shippers' perspective.