• April 23-25, 2025 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Louisiana

Dea Chincuanco

dship Carriers (Americas)


Dea Chincuanco is an accomplished expert in the maritime industry, bringing over two decades of experience to her current role as President for dship Carriers Americas in Houston. She is particularly proud of the company’s gender parity, as Dea is deeply committed to developing the next generation of leaders with productivity, diversity and equity as top priorities. With a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Houston and a Global MBA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, providing consultancy services in project chartering, maritime law case analysis, and renewable energy start-up procurement is just a part of her broad portfolio.

Aside from her professional achievements, Dea is a passionate advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion. As a proud mom to two amazing children, she is all the more determined to make a difference in both her industry and the world around her.

Sessions With Dea Chincuanco

Thursday, 25 April

  • 01:30pm - 02:15pm (CST) / 25/apr/2024 06:30 pm - 25/apr/2024 07:15 pm

    The State of the Multipurpose/Heavy-Lift Fleet: Renewal, Competition and Compliance

    The multipurpose vessel/heavy-lift sector, far more conservative when it comes to ordering new ships than other maritime sectors, continues to barely replace capacity even as competing shipping sectors balloon with new vessels. Owners and operators are improving the efficiency and sustainability of the existing fleet and coping with increasingly complex emissions reporting requirements. A slow-moving wave of cargo demand, driven by global energy needs, bodes well for the sector — or at least for the more specialized vessels. Who in the MPV sector will benefit, and who is vulnerable to increasing competition for cross-trade cargoes? What will it take to galvanize new ship orders? What are the incentives in the current market? And is there a growing risk inherent in the sector’s reliance on Chinese shipyards for new vessels? This session, moderated by Yorck Niclas Prehm, head of research with Toepfer Transport, will examine these questions and more.