• April 23-25, 2025 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Louisiana

Trinece Richards


Manager-International Logistics

Trinece Richards is a highly skilled and experienced logistics professional with 12 years of dedicated work in the field. Currently, she serves as Logistics Manager at Halliburton, overseeing operations for the US outbound division. Her expertise and knowledge in logistics are widely recognized within the industry, providing a solid foundation in financial principles and practices. Her passion for Finance led her to pursue an MBA with a concentration in Finance, which further strengthened her understanding of business operations and decision-making processes.

Trinece has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in managing logistics operations throughout her career. Her expertise in supply chain management, transportation, and strategic sourcing has been instrumental in streamlining operations and reducing costs. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to effectively plan and prioritize tasks, ensuring that logistics operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Sessions With Trinece Richards

Thursday, 25 April

  • 11:15am - 11:45am (CST) / 25/apr/2024 04:15 pm - 25/apr/2024 04:45 pm

    Breakbulk Academy: Breakbulk, Box, Bulk, or Air -- Choosing the Best Mode

    Working out which mode of transportation offers cargo owners the best, most efficient deal with the least risk on any given trade route can be a major pain point for breakbulk shippers. With current rates for containers back having retreated to pre-COVID levels, one might assume that containerized transportation will always be the first choice. However, breakbulk shippers have many factors to contend with, including cargo that must move on widely varying trade routes in widely varying amounts, schedule-sensitive cargo, and dealing with natural and geopolitical complications that are out of their control. Diversification of transportation modes to spread costs and risk is a lesson many learned, or re-learned, during the COVID market. What drives the decision to ship breakbulk or containerized? How does the logistics team ensure that their colleagues understand these complicated supply chain considerations and costs? And how do they plan and manage risk in an increasingly uncertain world? This session will explore the key choices and factors breakbulk shippers face when deciding which mode of transportation to use.