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Felipe Capella


Co-founder and CEO

As Co-founder and CEO of Loadsmart, a leading digital freight technology company, Felipe Capella leads an elite team in revolutionizing the logistics industry. Responsible for driving product development and business strategy, Capella plays a pivotal role in innovating Loadsmart’s platform and growing suite of capabilities.

Among the standout accomplishments under Capella’s leadership are the development of true mode optimization capabilities backed by a strong data and analytics foundation, the introduction of FTL instant pricing and booking, execution of the market's first server-to-server autonomous truckload booking via API integrations to TMS, and the launch of the first digital drayage and transload services in 2019.

Prior to founding Loadsmart, Capella launched Duelus, a promotional marketing platform focused on online contests and challenges. Previous roles include serving as a corporate advisor in the U.S. and Brazil, helping companies navigate strategy, international law, and mergers and acquisitions; and overseeing legal matters for more than 40 operations, including sovereign guaranteed development projects for Latin American countries, for the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington. While ensconced in academia, he worked as a professor teaching courses on bankruptcy, restructuring and commercial law.

Capella holds a masters degree in law from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was valedictorian for his class, a masters in business law from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Spain, and an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil. 

Sessions With Felipe Capella

Wednesday, 28 September

  • 11:30am - 12:00pm (CST) / 28/sep/2022 04:30 pm - 28/sep/2022 05:00 pm

    Tech IV: Venture Capital’s Honeymoon or Swan Song?

    The recent period of historic venture capital investment into freight and logistics has centered around technology aimed at the truckload industry. That’s no surprise given it’s the biggest single mode, in terms of freight spend, never mind the most fragmented part of the industry. But as 2021 transitioned to 2022, the nature of public and private investment markets changed. Some of that was due to external factors that have an influence on market confidence (the Russia-Ukraine war, COVID lockdowns in China) but some is directly tied to supply chains (inflation, fuel costs, and a shift back to spending on services over goods). What does all this portend for early- and growth-stage investment into trucking technology? In this session, a trio of investors who focus on logistics and supply chain will share their insights about whether we’ve reached a crescendo in venture’s fascination with trucking, or whether we’re only getting started.