• Inland Distribution
  • September 25- 27, 2023 | The Westin Chicago River North

Jason Traff


President and Co-Founder

Jason Traff is the President and Co-founder of Shipwell, a cloud-based TMS solution that is transforming the supply chain industry by replacing opaque and manual processes through a tech-enabled, fully connected logistics ecosystem with more than 500,000 carrier partners. A lifelong entrepreneur, Jason previously cofounded CopyCat Paintings where he employed over 1,000 artists and shipped to four continents, and Leaky, a Y-Combinator backed insurance technology startup that provided over $300 million in insurance quotes. Jason has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and he is passionate about scaling businesses and making an impact in the world.

Sessions With Jason Traff

Wednesday, 27 September

  • 09:45am - 10:15am (CST) / 27/sep/2023 02:45 pm - 27/sep/2023 03:15 pm

    Can TMS Solutions Become Cool Again?

    At one point, getting a TMS was an aspirational state for shippers, one that enabled them to transition a spreadsheet- and email-based approach to tendering loads and tracking freight milestones to a system-based approach. But somewhere over the last VC funding-fueled decade, the TMS lost its glow amid a bunch of new shiny objects. It became a tool of necessity, not luxury or differentiation. As the freight environment settles back into its more normalized patterns post-pandemic, the question now is whether the market still sees TMS solutions as crucial as they once did. Adding complexity to that question is that many companies trying to redefine how freight is managed digitally are essentially building transportation management systems, only ones that sync with more modern, browser-based approaches to enterprise software. This session will explore the state of play in the world of TMS with a trio of experts.