• Inland Distribution
  • September 25- 27, 2023 | The Westin Chicago River North

John Roetter

President, International Transload Logistics & Owner, Transport One

John Roetter is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the transportation industry, spanning trucking, ocean operations, and warehouse management. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, John possesses a passion for logistics and a relentless drive to excel in this dynamic industry. After graduating from Penn State University in 1976 with a degree in business logistics, John began his career in trucking, establishing what would be a lifelong commitment to transportation. In 1980, he made a significant shift and joined United States Lines’ sales team. Exceptional dedication and skillset propelled him through the ranks and to positions in Cleveland and Chicago. Following the unfortunate bankruptcy of US Lines, John leveraged his international shipping expertise in a brief stint at NYK. In 1991, he joined Hamburg Sud as asst. vice president. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to build something of his own, however, John founded International Transload Logistics Inc. (ITL Inc.) in 1998. The company commenced operations with a modest 10,000 square feet of warehouse space, which has grown to 1 million square feet across three locations in Illinois. John’s diverse background in trucking, ocean operations, and warehouse management has provided him with invaluable insights and a comprehensive understanding of the transportation industry. 

He takes great pride in the accomplishments and milestones achieved throughout his career, and his enthusiasm to continue making a positive impact in this ever-evolving field remains unwavering.

Sessions With John Roetter

Tuesday, 26 September

  • 02:15pm - 02:45pm (CST) / 26/sep/2023 07:15 pm - 26/sep/2023 07:45 pm

    Inland Think Tank: Chicago

    Inland Think Tanks provide an opportunity for attendees to participate in an informal, roundtable-like setting to discuss international intermodal, also known as IPI. It’s also an opportunity for shippers, truckers, railroads, and chassis lessors to meet in a single space to discuss hyperlocal issues — in this case, Chicago — and build new relationships. While our 30-minute think tanks have moderators, attendees should come prepared to share their experiences on IPI. The think tanks will focus on preparing now for the next rebound in ocean container volume. What lessons can be learned from the last two years that can be applied to the future? How can all stakeholders accept their role in supply chain congestion 2021 and 2022, learn from it, and adjust? And what are the realistic and unrealistic expectations for fluidity in the supply chain when volumes rebound? These think tanks will explore these questions with the participation and interaction of conference attendees.