• April 23-25, 2025 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Louisiana

Allison Dane Camden

U.S. Department of Transportation

Deputy Assistant Secretary- Multimodal Freight Infrastructure and Policy

Allison Dane Camden serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multimodal Freight Infrastructure and Policy. She was previously at the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), where she served in several roles, including overseeing the agency’s communications, media relations and government relations work as the Senior Director of External Relations. Prior to that role, Dane Camden served as WSDOT’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multimodal Development and Delivery, where she helped lead a team of 800 professionals in eleven divisions that worked daily to drive sustainable, integrated, equitable, multimodal transportation solutions across Washington. She also spent nearly a decade on Capitol Hill, where she worked as a policy advisor to three members of Congress, including four years as Professional Staff for the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Sessions With Allison Dane Camden

Thursday, 25 April

  • 02:15pm - 03:00pm (CST) / 25/apr/2024 07:15 pm - 25/apr/2024 08:00 pm

    Clearing the Path: Adding an OOG Perspective to the National Multimodal Freight Network

    Heavy-haul and out-of-gauge cargo transport is booming in the US, thanks in great part to a myriad of infrastructure and energy investment projects supported by a range of government funding. Ironically, however, hundreds of road construction and infrastructure projects now underway greatly complicate these cargo moves. No one is happy with the cascading effects of re-routing and schedule slippage. While state-level departments of transportation control permitting and heavy-haul corridors, the federal Department of Transportation’s recently reinvigorated project to develop a national multimodal freight network, now in the Request for Information stage, could, when finalized, be a source of influence and information for heavy-haul stakeholders. But to help shape this project, the DOT needs to hear from the heavy-haul community. During this session, Allison Dane Camden, the DOT’s deputy assistant secretary for multimodal freight infrastructure and policy, will discuss the multimodal freight network project and the information her office needs from industry to develop a critical freight network useful for all stakeholders, including out-of-gauge and heavy-haul transport by truck, rail, and barge. Allison will then join a roundtable discussion of these issues with a roster of experienced industry members.