• Inland Distribution
  • September 30 - October 2, 2024 | The Westin Chicago River North

Brian Cristol

Isometric Technologies


Brian Cristol, the CEO of Isometric Technologies (ISO), is a dedicated problem-solver committed to tackling the toughest challenges in the supply chain today. Leveraging his extensive background in corporate finance and logistics technology, Brian excels in crafting go-to-market strategies and orchestrating the growth of top-tier sales teams. Brian co-founded Uber Freight and spearheaded its enterprise partnerships division. With notable stints at Uber, Turvo, and J.P. Morgan, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey as a co-founder of Isometric Technologies (ISO) in February of 2020. Based in vibrant San Francisco, Brian finds solace in family life with his wife and son and is an active member of The Guardsmen charitable organization.

Sessions With Brian Cristol

Wednesday, 2 October

  • 10:50am - 11:30am (CST) / 02/oct/2024 03:50 pm - 02/oct/2024 04:30 pm

    InlandTech V: The Latest Data Revolution — Understanding Truckload Pricing and Performance Metrics

    From no data to “big data” to “too much data,” participants in the North American truckload industry have been on a rocky ride over the years. There is, put simply, no shortage of data sources around which to base planning, procurement, and partnership decisions. The questions now revolve around: which data sources to use; how to manage them; and how to use them. With a trio of the industry’s most forward-thinking software CEOs, this session will dive specifically into how brokers and shippers can use rate and carrier performance data to shape their planning, freight buying, and carrier choices.