• Inland Distribution
  • September 30 - October 2, 2024 | The Westin Chicago River North

J-Ann Tio

Arrive Logistics

Chief Strategy Officer

J-Ann Tio is the Chief Strategy Officer at Arrive Logistics currently overseeing the technology, data and marketing departments. With more than a decade of industry experience in carrier sales, technology and strategy, learning and development, business operations, she has developed a reputation for being a versatile leader.

Tio joined Arrive Logistics in December of 2020 and quickly became a key player on the executive team as Chief Strategy Officer. She has since played an integral role in crafting the strategic vision, bringing in innovative technologies and best-in-class service experience that has helped Arrive become a Top 7 North American Full Truckload provider.

She devotes herself to advancing the company’s award-winning culture and developing the next generation of Arrive leaders. Helping others find their way in the fiercely competitive logistics space is one of the many ways she is leaving a positive and productive mark on the industry at large.

Sessions With J-Ann Tio

Wednesday, 2 October

  • 09:50am - 10:20am (CST) / 02/oct/2024 02:50 pm - 02/oct/2024 03:20 pm

    InlandTech IV: Brokerage Technology as a Bulwark Against Vicious Market Cycles

    There is perceived wisdom that tough markets weed out the weakest actors, and this is certainly true in the world of freight brokers. Down markets depress rates and eventually compress margins, and so brokers that come in during an up cycle but without the fundamentals to weather a down cycle get flushed out of the system. But that hasn’t necessarily happened in the post-pandemic comedown. There are various variables to explain this, but one is that technology can help brokers weather the downturns more effectively. In this session, a freight broker, a broker TMS provider and a broker-focused pricing technology vendor will discuss how technology is making businesses more efficient and durable, and what that means to shippers reliant on those brokers.