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Karen Baker


Founder and CEO

I've been interested in IT since a young age writing my first programs aged 9. My passion for IT hasn't waned since those days, I just have more experience now!

I am the founder of 2 great products: WebShopApps and ShipperHQ. We specialize in Shipping Rate calculation and manipulation, specifically around the eCommerce space pre-order. On Magento we have been Gold Technology Partners since 2011 and have over 70K customers using our software. We are integrated into the core of BigCommerce, being their only Shipping Rate solution outside their base functionality.

If you are a logistics provider or an eCommerce platform you should be integrated into ShipperHQ. If you are involved in the checkout/cart/shipping process in any way be that an ERP solution, WMS, TMS, Inventory solution, etc., then you should be integrated with us!

Originally from the UK I moved to the US in 2013, and now reside in Austin, Texas.

My background is in the corporate world, nowhere near the world I now frequent of eCommerce, startups, and web designers. I believe this gives me a relatively unique ability to understand the needs of both small and large companies and look at how best to provide the maximum value.

Back in 1997-2000 I worked as a Technical Lead for EDS Defense, in Egypt flying in helicopters and playing on warships. Then I moved to Thomson Reuters for 10 years, primarily in their FX development teams as a Technical Specialist.

Infamous for doing things differently, questioning red tape, and heavy process I try to instill in my staff the belief that they can achieve great things with a little ambition & a lot of hard smart work.

What's important to me - quality, service, and content. You need all 3 to make a great product and a great company. Plus, a tiny bit of hard work and passion :)