• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center

TPM Academy

Learn, Develop, Connect

TPM Academy was a series of 45-minute educational sessions held during TPM23 offering a practical introduction and overview of key subjects that international trade professionals typically encounter in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Taught by seasoned professionals with deep knowledge and experience, each 45-minute session provided attendees with a conceptional and practical understanding that will make dealing with these issues much easier in the real world.

Session Titles 

  • Incoterms® 2020 Rules: Understanding and Application 
  • Techniques for Procuring Maritime Transportation Services
  • Best Practices for Auditing Ocean Freight Invoices 
  • OSRA 2022: Invoice Requirements and Charge Complaints for Demurrage & Detention 
  • Negotiating Letters of Credit With Overseas Customers and Vendors 
  • Compliance with US CBP and Partner Government Agency Regulations 
  • Decarbonization 101: Minimizing the Maritime Carbon Footprint 
  • Strategies and Tactics for Managing Ocean Export Programs 
  • Marine Cargo Insurance: An Explanation of Coverage Options 
  • Technology Applications for the Maritime Supply Chain 
  • The Financial Implications of Global Supply Chain Management