• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center
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Meeting Venue

Get business done

Following record attendance in 2023, TPM is vastly expanding its physical footprint.

Looking for a place to have your meetings? Look no further than the new and dedicated meeting space in the Long Beach Convention Center, containing private meeting rooms, by-reservation tables at the TPM Café, open tables and more!

Located on the lower level of the Long Beach Convention Center, the new meeting venue is right in the heart of the main conference, reducing the need for travel time around Long Beach between meetings and event sessions. Attendees have the option to make breakfast and lunch meetings at the TPM café!

  • Watch the video rendering of the new meeting space.

    Located on the lower level of the Long Beach Convention Center.

Interested in a private partner meeting suite?

TPM Café

TPM Café is a dedicated by-reservation area for meetings allowing attendees to reserve tables at specific times to meet with business partners. More information such as how to reserve tables will be available in the coming months.

Partner Meeting Rooms

Meet with TPM partners in their new private meeting suites. You’ll be able to find out which partners have private meeting suites and request meetings via the new TPM24 app! More information coming soon!

Open Tables

The new meeting venue will contain open tables that can be used for spontaneous meetings! Open tables are subject to availability and are occupied on a first come first served basis.

Meeting Scheduling

Organizing meetings has never been easier with the new TPM23 app! Simply search the attendees you are meeting with, select a location and confirm your meeting! All meeting attendees will receive an automatic calendar invite to their personal or work calendar! Details of how to download the TPM24 app will be available in the coming months!