• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center

TPM23 Speakers


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  • Rachael Acker

    Wolverine Worldwide

    Logistics Director

    ["Rachael Acker","Wolverine Worldwide","Logistics Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Juan Alarcon

    Fyffes North America-Tropical Division


    ["Juan Alarcon","Fyffes North America-Tropical Division","CEO"]
  • Christian Allred


    Executive Vice President and General Manager of International Sales

    ["Christian Allred","ORBCOMM","Executive Vice President and General Manager of International Sales"]
  • Michael Amri

    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

    Global Sea Freight Business Development Manager

    ["Michael Amri","Hellmann Worldwide Logistics","Global Sea Freight Business Development Manager"]
  • Trevor Ash

    CIE Manufacturing


    ["Trevor Ash","CIE Manufacturing","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Ari Ashe

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor-Intermodal Rail and Southeast Ports, Journal of Commerce

    ["Ari Ashe","S&P Global","Senior Editor-Intermodal Rail and Southeast Ports, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Kristy Asseily


    Emissions Reporting & Analytics Manager

    ["Kristy Asseily","ZeroNorth","Emissions Reporting & Analytics Manager"]
  • Thomas Bagge

    Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA)

    CEO and Statutory Director

    ["Thomas Bagge","Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA)","CEO and Statutory Director"]
  • Milind Balaji


    Director of Global Distribution and Services

    ["Milind Balaji","Georgia-Pacific","Director of Global Distribution and Services"]
  • Julia Bedanova

    Million Dollar Baby

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Julia Bedanova","Million Dollar Baby","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Dr. Nariman Behravesh

    IHS Markit

    Former Chief Economist

    ["Dr. Nariman Behravesh","IHS Markit","Former Chief Economist","Main Speaker"]
  • Carl Bentzel

    Federal Maritime Commission


    ["Carl Bentzel","Federal Maritime Commission","Commissioner"]
  • Jim Blaeser

    Omni Logistics

    Chief Procurement Officer

    ["Jim Blaeser","Omni Logistics","Chief Procurement Officer"]
  • Morten Ørskou Bols

    GateHouse Maritime

    Market Development Director

    ["Morten Ørskou Bols","GateHouse Maritime","Market Development Director"]
  • Rick Bridges

    Lockton Companies

    Vice President and Account Executive-Supply Chain and Logistics

    ["Rick Bridges","Lockton Companies","Vice President and Account Executive-Supply Chain and Logistics"]
  • Chris Brooks

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Shipping Intelligence

    ["Chris Brooks","S&P Global","Executive Director, Shipping Intelligence"]
  • Mike Burton

    C&K Holdings


    ["Mike Burton","C&K Holdings","President","Main Speaker"]
  • James Caradonna

    MCL Multi Container Line

    General Manager-Pricing and Procurement

    ["James Caradonna","MCL Multi Container Line","General Manager-Pricing and Procurement","Main Speaker"]
  • William B. Cassidy

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic Transportation, Journal of Commerce

    ["William B. Cassidy","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Trucking, and Domestic Transportation, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Bertrand Chen

    Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN)


    ["Bertrand Chen","Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN)","CEO"]
  • Randy Chen

    Wan Hai Lines

    Vice Chairman

    ["Randy Chen","Wan Hai Lines","Vice Chairman","Main Speaker"]
  • Dave Clark



    ["Dave Clark","Flexport","Co-CEO"]
  • Mario Cordero

    Port of Long Beach

    Executive Director

    ["Mario Cordero","Port of Long Beach","Executive Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Sarah Cottle

    S&P Global Market Intelligence

    Senior Vice President, Head of Research, Advisory & Specialty Solutions

    ["Sarah Cottle","S&P Global Market Intelligence","Senior Vice President, Head of Research, Advisory & Specialty Solutions"]
  • Mickey Diaz

    Unique Logistics International (NYC) LLC Atlanta

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Mickey Diaz","Unique Logistics International (NYC) LLC Atlanta","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Bill Dobie


    Founder & CEO

    ["Bill Dobie","SEDNA","Founder & CEO"]
  • Alexia Dogani


    Director-Equity Research/European Transport

    ["Alexia Dogani","Barclays","Director-Equity Research/European Transport"]
  • William C. Duggan

    Eskesen Advisory

    North American Cold Chain Advisor

    ["William C. Duggan","Eskesen Advisory","North American Cold Chain Advisor"]
  • Stephen Edwards

    The Port of Virginia

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Stephen Edwards","The Port of Virginia","Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Gary Ernest

    ContainerPort Group

    Vice President-Dedicated Operations

    ["Gary Ernest","ContainerPort Group","Vice President-Dedicated Operations"]
  • Thomas Eskesen

    Eskesen Advisory


    ["Thomas Eskesen","Eskesen Advisory","Founder","Main Speaker"]
  • Rebecca Fenneman

    Jeffrey/Fenneman Law + Strategy


    ["Rebecca Fenneman","Jeffrey/Fenneman Law + Strategy","Principal"]
  • Robert (Bob) Fredman

    Big Lots Stores

    Global Logistics Director

    ["Robert (Bob) Fredman","Big Lots Stores","Global Logistics Director"]
  • Frank Ganse

    Kuehne + Nagel

    Senior Vice President-Global Reefer Logistics

    ["Frank Ganse","Kuehne + Nagel","Senior Vice President-Global Reefer Logistics"]
  • Dan L. Gardner

    Trade Facilitators Inc.

    Co-Founder, Trade XCelerators, and President

    ["Dan L. Gardner","Trade Facilitators Inc.","Co-Founder, Trade XCelerators, and President"]
  • Mason George

    IMC Companies

    President, National Accounts

    ["Mason George","IMC Companies","President, National Accounts"]
  • Brian Glick


    Founder and CEO

    ["Brian Glick","Chain.io","Founder and CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Jonathan Gold

    National Retail Federation

    Vice President, Supply Chain and Customs Policy

    ["Jonathan Gold","National Retail Federation","Vice President, Supply Chain and Customs Policy"]
  • Larry Gorsich

    Pure Fishing

    Global Transportation Director

    ["Larry Gorsich","Pure Fishing","Global Transportation Director"]
  • Teri Griffis

    S&P Global

    Associate Editor-Journal of Commerce

    ["Teri Griffis","S&P Global","Associate Editor-Journal of Commerce"]
  • Alexandra Griffon


    Co-founder and CEO

    ["Alexandra Griffon","BlueCargo","Co-founder and CEO"]
  • Nick Gross

    Lloyd's Register

    Director-Global Containerships Segment

    ["Nick Gross","Lloyd's Register","Director-Global Containerships Segment"]
  • Roger Guenther

    Port of Houston Authority

    Executive Director

    ["Roger Guenther","Port of Houston Authority","Executive Director"]
  • Dr. Noel Hacegaba

    Port of Long Beach

    Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer

    ["Dr. Noel Hacegaba","Port of Long Beach","Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Krysta Harden

    US Dairy Export Council

    President and CEO

    ["Krysta Harden","US Dairy Export Council","President and CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Ittay (Ty) Hayut


    CEO & Co-Founder

    ["Ittay (Ty) Hayut","Hoopo","CEO & Co-Founder"]
  • Bryn Heimbeck

    Trade Tech

    President and Co-Founder

    ["Bryn Heimbeck","Trade Tech","President and Co-Founder"]
  • Douglas Hoehn

    Milestone Equipment Holdings

    President-Chassis and Containers

    ["Douglas Hoehn","Milestone Equipment Holdings","President-Chassis and Containers"]
  • Jake Hoffman

    Gnosis Freight

    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Jake Hoffman","Gnosis Freight","Chief Technology Officer"]
  • Leo Holt

    Holt Logistics


    ["Leo Holt","Holt Logistics","President"]
  • John Janson


    Vice President of Global Logistics

    ["John Janson","SanMar","Vice President of Global Logistics"]
  • Lars Jensen

    Vespucci Maritime

    CEO and Partner

    ["Lars Jensen","Vespucci Maritime","CEO and Partner","Main Speaker"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Logistics Technology- Journal of Commerce

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Logistics Technology- Journal of Commerce"]
  • Bruce Jones

    The Brookings Institution, and Author of To Rule the Waves

    Project Director

    ["Bruce Jones","The Brookings Institution, and Author of To Rule the Waves","Project Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Rahul Kapoor

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Vice President, Head of Shipping Analytics & Research

    ["Rahul Kapoor","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Vice President, Head of Shipping Analytics & Research"]
  • Ken Kellaway

    RoadOne IntermodaLogistics

    Co-Founder, President and CEO

    ["Ken Kellaway","RoadOne IntermodaLogistics","Co-Founder, President and CEO"]
  • Brian Kempisty

    Port X Logistics

    Founder and CEO

    ["Brian Kempisty","Port X Logistics","Founder and CEO"]
  • Reade Kidd

    EDRAY Collaborative Port Logistics

    CEO and Co-Founder

    ["Reade Kidd","EDRAY Collaborative Port Logistics","CEO and Co-Founder"]
  • William (Tad) Knight

    Ocean Network Express North America

    Area Sales Manager

    ["William (Tad) Knight","Ocean Network Express North America","Area Sales Manager"]
  • Greg Knowler

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Europe-Journal of Commerce

    ["Greg Knowler","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Europe-Journal of Commerce"]
  • Steve Kranig

    Im-Ex Global

    Vice President and Director of Logistics

    ["Steve Kranig","Im-Ex Global","Vice President and Director of Logistics"]
  • Daniel Krassenstein

    Procon Pacific

    Global Supply Chain Director

    ["Daniel Krassenstein","Procon Pacific","Global Supply Chain Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Weston LaBar


    Chief Strategy Officer

    ["Weston LaBar","Cargomatic","Chief Strategy Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • David Lademan

    S&P Global

    Senior Pricing Specialist-Global Container Freight Markets

    ["David Lademan","S&P Global","Senior Pricing Specialist-Global Container Freight Markets"]
  • Alison Leavitt

    Wine and Spirits Shippers Association

    Managing Director

    ["Alison Leavitt","Wine and Spirits Shippers Association","Managing Director"]
  • Peter Levesque

    CMA CGM North America and American President Lines


    ["Peter Levesque","CMA CGM North America and American President Lines","President"]
  • Stephanie Loomis

    Rhenus Logistics

    Head of Ocean Freight-Americas

    ["Stephanie Loomis","Rhenus Logistics","Head of Ocean Freight-Americas"]
  • Helmuth Lutty

    Del Monte Fresh Produce NA

    Vice President-Shipping Operations

    ["Helmuth Lutty","Del Monte Fresh Produce NA","Vice President-Shipping Operations"]
  • Griffith V. Lynch

    Georgia Ports Authority

    Executive Director

    ["Griffith V. Lynch","Georgia Ports Authority","Executive Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Stephen R. Lyons

    Retired Gen. White House Special Envoy for Ports and Supply Chains

    ["Stephen R. Lyons","","Retired Gen. White House Special Envoy for Ports and Supply Chains","Main Speaker"]
  • Daniel Maffei

    Federal Maritime Commission


    ["Daniel Maffei","Federal Maritime Commission","Chairman","Main Speaker"]
  • Paul Mallon

    WiseTech Global

    Commercial Executive

    ["Paul Mallon","WiseTech Global","Commercial Executive"]
  • Bruce Marshall


    Head of Reefer Solutions

    ["Bruce Marshall","Maersk","Head of Reefer Solutions"]
  • Jett McCandless


    Founder and CEO

    ["Jett McCandless","project44","Founder and CEO"]
  • Chantal McRoberts

    Drewry Supply Chain Advisors


    ["Chantal McRoberts","Drewry Supply Chain Advisors","Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Barbara Melvin

    South Carolina Ports Authority

    President and CEO

    ["Barbara Melvin","South Carolina Ports Authority","President and CEO"]
  • Dan Miller

    Onto Innovation

    Senior Director-Logistics

    ["Dan Miller","Onto Innovation","Senior Director-Logistics"]
  • Bill Mongelluzzo

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, West Coast, Journal of Commerce

    ["Bill Mongelluzzo","S&P Global","Senior Editor, West Coast, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Paolo Montrone

    Kuehne + Nagel

    Senior Vice President and Head of Global Trades

    ["Paolo Montrone","Kuehne + Nagel","Senior Vice President and Head of Global Trades"]
  • John Motley


    CEO and Founder

    ["John Motley","LOG-NET","CEO and Founder","Main Speaker"]
  • Alan Murphy

    Sea-Intelligence Consulting

    Co-Founder and CEO

    ["Alan Murphy","Sea-Intelligence Consulting","Co-Founder and CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Brian Nemeth

    STG Logistics

    Chief Growth & Strategy Officer

    ["Brian Nemeth","STG Logistics","Chief Growth & Strategy Officer"]
  • Lindsay Newman

    S&P Global Market Intelligence

    Executive Director and Head of Geopolitical Thought Leadership

    ["Lindsay Newman","S&P Global Market Intelligence","Executive Director and Head of Geopolitical Thought Leadership"]
  • Mabel Ng

    S&P Global Trade Analytics

    Executive Director Product Management

    ["Mabel Ng","S&P Global Trade Analytics","Executive Director Product Management"]
  • Jeremy Nixon

    Ocean Network Express (ONE)


    ["Jeremy Nixon","Ocean Network Express (ONE)","CEO"]
  • Janet Nodar

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Breakbulk, Project, and Heavy-Lift Shipping, Journal of Commerce

    ["Janet Nodar","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Breakbulk, Project, and Heavy-Lift Shipping, Journal of Commerce","S&P Global"]
  • Alexander Nowroth

    Lebenswerk Consulting Group

    Managing Director

    ["Alexander Nowroth","Lebenswerk Consulting Group","Managing Director","Keynote Speaker"]
  • David Null


    Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Supply Chain

    ["David Null","Georgia-Pacific","Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Supply Chain","Main Speaker"]
  • Bill H Oliver


    Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations

    ["Bill H Oliver","Georgia-Pacific","Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations"]
  • Mauricio Padrón


    Director Supply Chain, South America

    ["Mauricio Padrón","Walmart","Director Supply Chain, South America"]
  • Jenny Paurys

    S&P Global

    Global Intelligence and Analytics

    ["Jenny Paurys","S&P Global","Global Intelligence and Analytics"]
  • Lasse Petersen


    Head of International Logistics

    ["Lasse Petersen","JBS USA","Head of International Logistics"]
  • General David H. Petraeus (Ret.)

    Partner, KKR and Chairman, KKR Global Institute

    ["General David H. Petraeus (Ret.)","","Partner, KKR and Chairman, KKR Global Institute","Main Speaker"]
  • Pieter Potgieter


    Corporate Transportation Manager, International Logistics Air and Ocean

    ["Pieter Potgieter","Hubbell","Corporate Transportation Manager, International Logistics Air and Ocean"]
  • Andy Powell

    G2 Ocean

    Commercial Director

    ["Andy Powell","G2 Ocean","Commercial Director"]
  • Nigel Pusey

    CEO, Container Trades Statistics and Non Executive Director, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

    ["Nigel Pusey","CEO, Container Trades Statistics and Non Executive Director, Maritime and Coastguard Agency",""]
  • Mike Regan

    TranzAct Technologies

    Co-Founder and Chief of Relationship Development

    ["Mike Regan","TranzAct Technologies","Co-Founder and Chief of Relationship Development","Main Speaker"]
  • Neal Rider

    Emergent Cold

    Co-Founder and CEO

    ["Neal Rider","Emergent Cold","Co-Founder and CEO"]
  • Tracy Robinson


    President and CEO

    ["Tracy Robinson","CN","President and CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Rich Roche

    Mohawk Global

    Senior Vice President

    ["Rich Roche","Mohawk Global","Senior Vice President","Main Speaker"]
  • Anja Roennfeldt

    DB Schenker

    Executive Vice President-Global Ocean Freight Trade Management

    ["Anja Roennfeldt","DB Schenker","Executive Vice President-Global Ocean Freight Trade Management"]
  • Bethann Rooney

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    Director-Port Department

    ["Bethann Rooney","The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey","Director-Port Department","Main Speaker"]
  • Cédric Rosemont


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Cédric Rosemont","Traxens","Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Audrey Ross

    Orchard Custom Beauty

    Import & Export Compliance Manager

    ["Audrey Ross","Orchard Custom Beauty","Import & Export Compliance Manager"]
  • Joye Runfola

    Air Liquide USA

    Logistics Principal, Americas Procurement Center

    ["Joye Runfola","Air Liquide USA","Logistics Principal, Americas Procurement Center","Featured"]
  • Raul Saca

    DP World

    Head of Reefer Logistics Americas

    ["Raul Saca","DP World","Head of Reefer Logistics Americas"]
  • Charlie Saffro


    President and Founder

    ["Charlie Saffro","CS-Recruiting","President and Founder"]
  • Peter Sand


    Chief Analyst

    ["Peter Sand","Xeneta","Chief Analyst"]
  • Robert F. Sappio

    SeaCube Container Leasing


    ["Robert F. Sappio","SeaCube Container Leasing","CEO"]
  • Tim Scharwath

    DHL Global Forwarding, Freight


    ["Tim Scharwath","DHL Global Forwarding, Freight","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Matt Schrap

    Harbor Trucking Association


    ["Matt Schrap","Harbor Trucking Association","CEO"]
  • Gene Seroka

    Port of Los Angeles

    Executive Director

    ["Gene Seroka","Port of Los Angeles","Executive Director"]
  • Rachel Shames

    CV International

    Vice President-Pricing and Procurement

    ["Rachel Shames","CV International","Vice President-Pricing and Procurement"]
  • Michael Shaughnessy

    Balsam Brands

    Senior Vice President, Operations, Supply Chain, and Emerging Markets

    ["Michael Shaughnessy","Balsam Brands","Senior Vice President, Operations, Supply Chain, and Emerging Markets","Main Speaker"]
  • William (Bill) Shea

    Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI)


    ["William (Bill) Shea","Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI)","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Chris Shimoda

    California Trucking Association

    Senior Vice President-Government Affairs

    ["Chris Shimoda","California Trucking Association","Senior Vice President-Government Affairs"]
  • Craig Stauffer

    The Vanguard International Group


    ["Craig Stauffer","The Vanguard International Group","CEO"]
  • Robert Stein

    Mohawk Global Trade Advisors

    Senior Vice President

    ["Robert Stein","Mohawk Global Trade Advisors","Senior Vice President","Main Speaker"]
  • Chris Swartz

    AJC Logistics

    Managing Director, Transportation and Logistics

    ["Chris Swartz","AJC Logistics","Managing Director, Transportation and Logistics"]
  • Michael Symonanis

    Louis Dreyfus, and National Shipper Advisory Committee

    Director-Strategic Network, and Acting Chair

    ["Michael Symonanis","Louis Dreyfus, and National Shipper Advisory Committee","Director-Strategic Network, and Acting Chair"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    S&P Global

    Executive Editor, Journal of Commerce

    ["Mark Szakonyi","S&P Global","Executive Editor, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Jan Tiedemann


    Senior Analyst

    ["Jan Tiedemann","Alphaliner","Senior Analyst"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    S&P Global

    Vice President-Shipping Intelligence

    ["Peter Tirschwell","S&P Global","Vice President-Shipping Intelligence"]
  • Søren Toft

    MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Søren Toft","MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company","Chief Executive Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Ed Treacy

    International Fresh Produce Association

    Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability

    ["Ed Treacy","International Fresh Produce Association","Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability"]
  • Jeffrey Tucker

    Tucker Company Worldwide


    ["Jeffrey Tucker","Tucker Company Worldwide","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Greg Tyler

    USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC)

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Greg Tyler","USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC)","President & Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Sylena Urbanoski



    ["Sylena Urbanoski","xGlobl","Co-Founder"]
  • Katarin van Orshaegen


    Commercial Lead & Spokesperson

    ["Katarin van Orshaegen","GoodShipping","Commercial Lead & Spokesperson"]
  • Bjorn Vang Jensen


    Executive Director, International Transport

    ["Bjorn Vang Jensen","Cummins","Executive Director, International Transport"]
  • Carl Varner

    Fornazor International

    Vice President-Logistics

    ["Carl Varner","Fornazor International","Vice President-Logistics"]
  • Sarthak Verma

    J.B. Hunt Transport Services

    Senior Vice President-International

    ["Sarthak Verma","J.B. Hunt Transport Services","Senior Vice President-International"]
  • Daniel Walsh

    TRAC Intermodal

    President and CEO

    ["Daniel Walsh","TRAC Intermodal","President and CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Sharon L. Weissman

    Port of Long Beach, California

    President, Board of Harbor Commissioners

    ["Sharon L. Weissman","Port of Long Beach, California","President, Board of Harbor Commissioners"]
  • Ashlee Williams

    S&P Global Market Intelligence

    Vice President, Head of Global Intelligence & Analytics Data Operations

    ["Ashlee Williams","S&P Global Market Intelligence","Vice President, Head of Global Intelligence & Analytics Data Operations"]
  • Thomas G. Williams

    BNSF Railway

    Group Vice President-Consumer Products

    ["Thomas G. Williams","BNSF Railway","Group Vice President-Consumer Products"]
  • John Wolfe

    The Northwest Seaport Alliance


    ["John Wolfe","The Northwest Seaport Alliance","CEO"]
  • Lisa Yakomin

    Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers


    ["Lisa Yakomin","Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers","President"]
  • Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen

    A.P. Møller – Maersk

    Head of Asia Pacific Operations Execution

    ["Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen","A.P. Møller – Maersk","Head of Asia Pacific Operations Execution"]