TPM21 Speakers


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  • Ari Ashe

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Southeast Ports, and Intermodal Rail, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Ari Ashe","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Southeast Ports, and Intermodal Rail, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Alessandra Barrett

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Special Projects, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Alessandra Barrett","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Special Projects, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Nariman Behravesh

    IHS Markit

    Senior Economic Advisor

    ["Nariman Behravesh","IHS Markit","Senior Economic Advisor","IHS Markit"]
  • Chris Brooks

    IHS Markit

    Executive Editor and Director, Programming, JOC Events, Maritime & Trade

    ["Chris Brooks","IHS Markit","Executive Editor and Director, Programming, JOC Events, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • William B. Cassidy

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Trucking, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["William B. Cassidy","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Trucking, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Ken Eriksen

    IHS Markit

    Senior Vice President, Agribusiness

    ["Ken Eriksen","IHS Markit","Senior Vice President, Agribusiness","IHS Markit"]
  • Terry Glass

    IHS Markit

    Executive Director, Plastics

    ["Terry Glass","IHS Markit","Executive Director, Plastics","IHS Markit"]
  • Eric Johnson

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Eric Johnson","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Rahul Kapoor

    IHS Markit

    Maritime & Trade Global Head of Commodity Analytics & Research

    ["Rahul Kapoor","IHS Markit","Maritime & Trade Global Head of Commodity Analytics & Research","IHS Markit"]
  • Greg Knowler

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Europe, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Greg Knowler","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Europe, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • James Kwan

    IHS Markit

    Associate Director, Enterprise Data Management

    ["James Kwan","IHS Markit","Associate Director, Enterprise Data Management","IHS Markit"]
  • Bill Mongelluzzo

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, West Coast, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Bill Mongelluzzo","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, West Coast, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Cathy Morrow Roberson

    IHS Markit

    Senior Contributor, Air Cargo and Parcel, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Cathy Morrow Roberson","IHS Markit","Senior Contributor, Air Cargo and Parcel, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Janet Nodar

    IHS Markit

    Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Janet Nodar","IHS Markit","Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Kevin Saville

    IHS Markit

    Associate Managing Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Kevin Saville","IHS Markit","Associate Managing Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Stuart Strachan

    IHS Markit

    Senior Vice President, Maritime & Trade

    ["Stuart Strachan","IHS Markit","Senior Vice President, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    IHS Markit

    Executive Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Mark Szakonyi","IHS Markit","Executive Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Maritime & Trade

    ["Peter Tirschwell","IHS Markit","Vice President, Maritime & Trade","IHS Markit"]
  • Daniel Yergin

    IHS Markit

    Vice Chairman

    ["Daniel Yergin","IHS Markit","Vice Chairman","IHS Markit"]
  • Rachael Acker

    Wolverine Worldwide

    Logistics Director

    ["Rachael Acker","Wolverine Worldwide","Logistics Director"]
  • Julian Alvarez



    ["Julian Alvarez","Logixboard","CEO"]
  • Gina Anderson

    GEODIS City Delivery

    Vice President, Solutions and Growth

    ["Gina Anderson","GEODIS City Delivery","Vice President, Solutions and Growth"]
  • David Arsenault

    GSC Logistics, Inc.


    ["David Arsenault","GSC Logistics, Inc.","President"]
  • Donald Baan


    Manager, Business Development

    ["Donald Baan","Portbase","Manager, Business Development"]
  • Karen Baker


    Founder and CEO

    ["Karen Baker","ShipperHQ","Founder and CEO"]
  • Jessica Balsam

    APL Logistics

    Sustainability Director

    ["Jessica Balsam","APL Logistics","Sustainability Director"]
  • Laura Behrens Wu


    Founder and CEO

    ["Laura Behrens Wu","Shippo","Founder and CEO"]
  • Patrik Berglund


    Co-Founder and CEO

    ["Patrik Berglund","Xeneta","Co-Founder and CEO"]
  • Trish Boehm

    The Home Depot

    Director of Operations

    ["Trish Boehm","The Home Depot","Director of Operations"]
  • Christopher Brach

    Radiant Logistics

    Senior Vice President and General Manager

    ["Christopher Brach","Radiant Logistics","Senior Vice President and General Manager"]
  • James Breeze


    Global Head, Industrial Research

    ["James Breeze","CBRE","Global Head, Industrial Research"]
  • Aaron Brown


    Senior Vice President, California Cartage

    ["Aaron Brown","NFI","Senior Vice President, California Cartage"]
  • Eytan Buchman


    Chief Marketing Officer

    ["Eytan Buchman","Freightos","Chief Marketing Officer"]
  • Ed Burns

    Burns Logistics Solutions

    Founder and President

    ["Ed Burns","Burns Logistics Solutions","Founder and President"]
  • Mike Burton

    C&K Holdings


    ["Mike Burton","C&K Holdings","President"]
  • John Butler

    World Shipping Council

    President and CEO

    ["John Butler","World Shipping Council","President and CEO"]
  • Joe Caprara


    Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

    ["Joe Caprara","Boxton","Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer"]
  • James Caradonna

    M&R Forwarding and Multi-Container Line

    General Manager, Pricing/Americas

    ["James Caradonna","M&R Forwarding and Multi-Container Line","General Manager, Pricing/Americas"]
  • Vivian Chiang

    BlueX Trade

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Vivian Chiang","BlueX Trade","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Brandy Christian

    Port of New Orleans

    President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans and CEO of New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Corp. (NOPBR)

    ["Brandy Christian","Port of New Orleans","President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans and CEO of New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Corp. (NOPBR)"]
  • Nick Chubb


    Founder and Managing Director

    ["Nick Chubb","Thetius","Founder and Managing Director"]
  • Vincent Clerc

    A.P. Moller-Maersk

    CEO of A.P. Moller-Maersk Ocean & Logistics

    ["Vincent Clerc","A.P. Moller-Maersk","CEO of A.P. Moller-Maersk Ocean & Logistics"]
  • Frank Colonna

    Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners


    ["Frank Colonna","Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners","President"]
  • Jack Conaghan


    Logistics Director

    ["Jack Conaghan","AutoZone","Logistics Director"]
  • Julian Counihan

    Schematic Ventures

    General Partner

    ["Julian Counihan","Schematic Ventures","General Partner"]
  • Angela Czajkowski


    Director, Supply Chain

    ["Angela Czajkowski","Shapiro","Director, Supply Chain"]
  • Philip Damas


    Managing Director, Drewry, and Operational Head, Drewry Supply Chain Advisors

    ["Philip Damas","Drewry","Managing Director, Drewry, and Operational Head, Drewry Supply Chain Advisors"]
  • Bud Darr

    MSC Group

    Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs

    ["Bud Darr","MSC Group","Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs"]
  • Flavia de la Fuente


    Vice President

    ["Flavia de la Fuente","BuildGroup","Vice President"]
  • Paul Devine


    Regional General Manager, North American Group

    ["Paul Devine","OOCL","Regional General Manager, North American Group"]
  • Liezel du Toit

    A.P. Moller - Maersk

    Senior Director and Head of Spot Products

    ["Liezel du Toit","A.P. Moller - Maersk","Senior Director and Head of Spot Products"]
  • William C. Duggan

    Eskesen Advisory

    North American Cold Chain Advisor

    ["William C. Duggan","Eskesen Advisory","North American Cold Chain Advisor"]
  • Stephen Edwards

    Virginia Port Authority (VPA)

    CEO and Executive Director

    ["Stephen Edwards","Virginia Port Authority (VPA)","CEO and Executive Director"]
  • Mike Erickson

    AFMS Logistics Management Group

    Founder and CEO

    ["Mike Erickson","AFMS Logistics Management Group","Founder and CEO"]
  • Thomas Eskesen

    Eskesen Advisory


    ["Thomas Eskesen","Eskesen Advisory","Founder"]
  • Lori Fellmer

    BassTech International

    Vice President, Logistics and Carrier Management

    ["Lori Fellmer","BassTech International","Vice President, Logistics and Carrier Management"]
  • Darren Field

    J.B. Hunt Transport Services

    EVP & President Intermodal

    ["Darren Field","J.B. Hunt Transport Services","EVP & President Intermodal"]
  • Brian Fielkow



    ["Brian Fielkow","Jetco","CEO"]
  • Laura Finbow

    Catapult, a Magaya Company

    Managing Director, EMEA

    ["Laura Finbow","Catapult, a Magaya Company","Managing Director, EMEA"]
  • Anna Fisk

    Kubota Tractor

    Manager, Distribution & Logistics

    ["Anna Fisk","Kubota Tractor","Manager, Distribution & Logistics"]
  • Adam Forste

    Bay Grove Capital

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner

    ["Adam Forste","Bay Grove Capital","Co-Founder and Managing Partner"]
  • Rick Gabrielson

    Lighthouse Maritime Advisors


    ["Rick Gabrielson","Lighthouse Maritime Advisors","Advisor"]
  • Manel Galindo



    ["Manel Galindo","WebCargo","CEO"]
  • Dan L. Gardner

    Trade Facilitators


    ["Dan L. Gardner","Trade Facilitators","President"]
  • Pierre Garreau, Ph.D.


    Co-Founder & CEO

    ["Pierre Garreau, Ph.D.","SeaRoutes","Co-Founder & CEO"]
  • Rob Garrison

    Mercado Labs


    ["Rob Garrison","Mercado Labs","CEO"]
  • Bill Gates

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Breakthrough Energy

    Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Founder of Breakthrough Energy

    ["Bill Gates","Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Breakthrough Energy","Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Founder of Breakthrough Energy"]
  • Mark Geller

    Happy Returns

    Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

    ["Mark Geller","Happy Returns","Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Brian Glick

    Founder and CEO

    ["Brian Glick","","Founder and CEO"]
  • Neil Glynn

    Credit Suisse

    Managing Director

    ["Neil Glynn","Credit Suisse","Managing Director"]
  • Jonathan Gold

    National Retail Federation

    Vice President, Supply Chain and Customs Policy

    ["Jonathan Gold","National Retail Federation","Vice President, Supply Chain and Customs Policy"]
  • Erin Graglia

    Wallport Transit Xpress

    Owner and General Manager

    ["Erin Graglia","Wallport Transit Xpress","Owner and General Manager"]
  • Rolf Habben Jansen



    ["Rolf Habben Jansen","Hapag-Lloyd","CEO"]
  • Noel Hacegaba

    Port of Long Beach

    Deputy Executive Director/COO

    ["Noel Hacegaba","Port of Long Beach","Deputy Executive Director/COO"]
  • Adam Hall


    Vice President, Transportation

    ["Adam Hall","L'Oreal","Vice President, Transportation"]
  • Dan Halstrom

    U.S. Meat Export Federation

    President and CEO

    ["Dan Halstrom","U.S. Meat Export Federation","President and CEO"]
  • Ronald Hildebrandt

    Trident Seafoods

    Vice President, Global Logistics

    ["Ronald Hildebrandt","Trident Seafoods","Vice President, Global Logistics"]
  • Jason Hilsenbeck

    Loadmatch and


    ["Jason Hilsenbeck","Loadmatch and","CEO"]
  • Alan Holland



    ["Alan Holland","Keelvar","CEO"]
  • Frederic Horst

    Cargo Facts Consulting

    Managing Director

    ["Frederic Horst","Cargo Facts Consulting","Managing Director"]
  • Ruben Huber

    OceanX Network

    Founder and Director

    ["Ruben Huber","OceanX Network","Founder and Director"]
  • Glyn Hughes


    Director General

    ["Glyn Hughes","TIACA","Director General"]
  • Steve Hughes

    HCS International


    ["Steve Hughes","HCS International","President"]
  • Ingrid A. Irigoyen

    Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program

    Associate Director, Ocean and Climate

    ["Ingrid A. Irigoyen","Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program","Associate Director, Ocean and Climate"]
  • Robin Jaacks

    Ocean Insights

    Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director

    ["Robin Jaacks","Ocean Insights","Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director"]
  • David A. Jackson

    Knight-Swift Transportation

    President and CEO

    ["David A. Jackson","Knight-Swift Transportation","President and CEO"]
  • John Janson


    Global Logistics Director

    ["John Janson","Sanmar","Global Logistics Director"]
  • Lars Jensen

    SeaIntelligence Consulting

    CEO and Partner

    ["Lars Jensen","SeaIntelligence Consulting","CEO and Partner"]
  • Pawan Joshi


    Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy

    ["Pawan Joshi","E2open","Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy"]
  • Ken Joy

    Rose Transportation

    General Manager

    ["Ken Joy","Rose Transportation","General Manager"]
  • Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid

    Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals

    Secretary General

    ["Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid","Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals","Secretary General"]
  • Pieter Kinds



    ["Pieter Kinds","Freightender","CEO"]
  • Chris Kirchner

    CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

    ["Chris Kirchner","","CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder"]
  • Jan Kleine-Lasthues

    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

    Chief Operating Officer, Airfreight

    ["Jan Kleine-Lasthues","Hellmann Worldwide Logistics","Chief Operating Officer, Airfreight"]
  • Kenneth Kowal


    ["Kenneth Kowal","","Founder"]
  • Daniel Krassenstein

    Procon Pacific

    Global Supply Chain, Director

    ["Daniel Krassenstein","Procon Pacific","Global Supply Chain, Director"]
  • Jonas Krumland



    ["Jonas Krumland","Logward","CEO"]
  • Weston LaBar

    Harbor Trucking Association, and President and CEO Ventures 52

    President and CEO

    ["Weston LaBar","Harbor Trucking Association, and President and CEO Ventures 52","President and CEO"]
  • Todd D. Larson

    STG Logistics

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Todd D. Larson","STG Logistics","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • John Lauer


    Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

    ["John Lauer","Matson","Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Carl Lauron


    Founder and CEO

    ["Carl Lauron","BuyCo","Founder and CEO"]
  • Alison Leavitt

    Wine and Spirits Shippers Association

    Managing Director

    ["Alison Leavitt","Wine and Spirits Shippers Association","Managing Director"]
  • Peter Levesque

    Ports America Group


    ["Peter Levesque","Ports America Group","President"]
  • Shabsie Levy



    ["Shabsie Levy","Shifl","CEO"]
  • Stephanie Loomis

    Vanguard Logistics Services

    Vice President, FCL Product

    ["Stephanie Loomis","Vanguard Logistics Services","Vice President, FCL Product"]
  • Helmuth Lutty

    Del Monte Fresh Produce

    Senior Vice President, Shipping Operations

    ["Helmuth Lutty","Del Monte Fresh Produce","Senior Vice President, Shipping Operations"]
  • Bruce Marshall

    A.P. Moller-Maersk

    Global Head, Reefer Solutions

    ["Bruce Marshall","A.P. Moller-Maersk","Global Head, Reefer Solutions"]
  • Austin McCombs

    Gnosis Freight

    Co-Founder and CEO

    ["Austin McCombs","Gnosis Freight","Co-Founder and CEO"]
  • Alan McCorkle

    Yusen Terminals

    President and CEO

    ["Alan McCorkle","Yusen Terminals","President and CEO"]
  • Matt McGregor

    Colliers International

    Executive Vice President

    ["Matt McGregor","Colliers International","Executive Vice President"]
  • Mark McKendry


    Regional Vice President, North America Intermodal

    ["Mark McKendry","NFI","Regional Vice President, North America Intermodal"]
  • Melinda McLaughlin


    Vice President, Global Head of Research

    ["Melinda McLaughlin","Prologis","Vice President, Global Head of Research"]
  • Mary McNelly


    Director, Global Logistics

    ["Mary McNelly","Crocs","Director, Global Logistics"]
  • Thorsten Meincke

    DB Schenker

    Board Member for Air and Ocean Freight

    ["Thorsten Meincke","DB Schenker","Board Member for Air and Ocean Freight"]
  • Don Miller

    Globe Tracker ApS

    Chief Sales and Marketing Manager

    ["Don Miller","Globe Tracker ApS","Chief Sales and Marketing Manager"]
  • Jon Monroe

    Jon Monroe Consulting


    ["Jon Monroe","Jon Monroe Consulting","President"]
  • Bryan Most

    Walmart Stores

    Senior Vice President, Retail, New York Shipping Exchange, and former Vice President, Transportation

    ["Bryan Most","Walmart Stores","Senior Vice President, Retail, New York Shipping Exchange, and former Vice President, Transportation"]
  • Brian Nessel


    Senior Vice President, Carrier Relations and Capacity

    ["Brian Nessel","GlobalTranz","Senior Vice President, Carrier Relations and Capacity"]
  • Michael S. Nielsen

    Michael S. Nielsen Advisory

    Founder and FreightTech Advisor

    ["Michael S. Nielsen","Michael S. Nielsen Advisory","Founder and FreightTech Advisor"]
  • Jeremy Nixon

    Ocean Network Express


    ["Jeremy Nixon","Ocean Network Express","CEO"]
  • Holger Oetjen

    Hapag-Lloyd AG

    Senior Director, Trade Management Atlantic

    ["Holger Oetjen","Hapag-Lloyd AG","Senior Director, Trade Management Atlantic"]
  • Erin O'Leary

    Janel Group

    Vice President, Technology and Innovation

    ["Erin O'Leary","Janel Group","Vice President, Technology and Innovation"]
  • Greg Orr

    CFI, and TFI International

    President, CFI, and Executive Vice President, Truckload, TFI International

    ["Greg Orr","CFI, and TFI International","President, CFI, and Executive Vice President, Truckload, TFI International"]
  • Holly Pearce

    Agway Farm and Home Supply

    Director, Distribution and Logistics

    ["Holly Pearce","Agway Farm and Home Supply","Director, Distribution and Logistics"]
  • Hardy Pearson

    Hapag-Lloyd Americas

    Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Service

    ["Hardy Pearson","Hapag-Lloyd Americas","Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Service"]
  • Sascha Peyer

    ClockWork Logistics Systems

    Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

    ["Sascha Peyer","ClockWork Logistics Systems","Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer"]
  • Jon Poelma

    APM Terminals Port Elizabeth

    Managing Director

    ["Jon Poelma","APM Terminals Port Elizabeth","Managing Director"]
  • Matt Priest

    Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America

    President and CEO

    ["Matt Priest","Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America","President and CEO"]
  • Kurt Pruitt

    Pacifica Trucks

    Vice President

    ["Kurt Pruitt","Pacifica Trucks","Vice President"]
  • Elsie Qian

    Apex Logistics International

    CEO, Americas

    ["Elsie Qian","Apex Logistics International","CEO, Americas"]
  • Keith Reardon

    Canadian National Railway

    Senior Vice President, Consumer Product Supply Chain

    ["Keith Reardon","Canadian National Railway","Senior Vice President, Consumer Product Supply Chain"]
  • Mike Regan

    TranzAct Technologies

    Chief Relationship Officer

    ["Mike Regan","TranzAct Technologies","Chief Relationship Officer"]
  • Hagar Rips


    Co-Founder and CEO

    ["Hagar Rips","Ladingo","Co-Founder and CEO"]
  • Adam Roark

    Amazon Web Services

    World Wide Transportation and Logistics Industry Lead

    ["Adam Roark","Amazon Web Services","World Wide Transportation and Logistics Industry Lead"]
  • Bill Rooney

    Kuehne + Nagel

    Vice President, Strategic Development

    ["Bill Rooney","Kuehne + Nagel","Vice President, Strategic Development"]
  • Jean-Jacques Ruest

    Canadian National Railway

    President and CEO

    ["Jean-Jacques Ruest","Canadian National Railway","President and CEO"]
  • Rodolphe Saadé


    Chairman and CEO

    ["Rodolphe Saadé","CMA CGM","Chairman and CEO"]
  • Raul Saca

    DP World

    Head of Reefer Logistics Americas

    ["Raul Saca","DP World","Head of Reefer Logistics Americas"]
  • Lisa Salit

    Blue Yonder

    Solution Principal

    ["Lisa Salit","Blue Yonder","Solution Principal"]
  • Michele Sancricca

    Amazon Web Services

    Head of Worldwide Technology, Transportation and Logistics

    ["Michele Sancricca","Amazon Web Services","Head of Worldwide Technology, Transportation and Logistics"]
  • Santosh Sankar

    Sankar Dynamo Ventures

    Founding Partner

    ["Santosh Sankar","Sankar Dynamo Ventures","Founding Partner"]
  • Robert Sappio

    SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd


    ["Robert Sappio","SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd","CEO"]
  • Tom Schmitt

    Forward Air

    President, CEO and Director

    ["Tom Schmitt","Forward Air","President, CEO and Director"]
  • Tony Sciarrotta

    Reverse Logistics Association

    Executive Director and Publisher

    ["Tony Sciarrotta","Reverse Logistics Association","Executive Director and Publisher"]
  • Grant Sernick


    Director of Sales & Marketing

    ["Grant Sernick","3rdWave","Director of Sales & Marketing"]
  • Gene Seroka

    Port of Los Angeles

    Executive Director

    ["Gene Seroka","Port of Los Angeles","Executive Director"]
  • Shaizad Shroff

    Sealink International

    President and CEO

    ["Shaizad Shroff","Sealink International","President and CEO"]
  • André Simha

    MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

    Global Chief Digital and Information Officer

    ["André Simha","MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company","Global Chief Digital and Information Officer"]
  • Lior Sion


    Founder and Chief Technology Officer

    ["Lior Sion","Bringg","Founder and Chief Technology Officer"]
  • Peter Stallion

    Freight Investor Services

    Air Cargo Derivatives Broker, Freight Investor Services

    ["Peter Stallion","Freight Investor Services","Air Cargo Derivatives Broker, Freight Investor Services"]
  • Chris Swartz

    AJC Logistics

    Managing Director

    ["Chris Swartz","AJC Logistics","Managing Director"]
  • Michelle Taylor

    Taylor Logistics


    ["Michelle Taylor","Taylor Logistics","CEO"]
  • Ed Treacy

    Produce Marketing Association

    Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability

    ["Ed Treacy","Produce Marketing Association","Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability"]
  • John Trestrail

    Newell Brands

    Senior Manager, Supply Chain Optimization, Transportation and Logistics

    ["John Trestrail","Newell Brands","Senior Manager, Supply Chain Optimization, Transportation and Logistics"]
  • Jeffrey Tucker

    Tucker Company Worldwide


    ["Jeffrey Tucker","Tucker Company Worldwide","CEO"]
  • Will Urban


    Chief Revenue Officer

    ["Will Urban","Flexport","Chief Revenue Officer"]
  • Martyn Verhaegen


    Founder and CEO

    ["Martyn Verhaegen","Qwyk","Founder and CEO"]
  • William Villalon

    APL Logistics


    ["William Villalon","APL Logistics","President"]
  • Dominique von Orelli

    DHL Global Forwarding

    Executive Vice President and Global Head of Ocean Freight

    ["Dominique von Orelli","DHL Global Forwarding","Executive Vice President and Global Head of Ocean Freight"]
  • John Westwood


    Senior Manager, Transportation Practice

    ["John Westwood","Chainalytics","Senior Manager, Transportation Practice"]
  • Ronald D. Widdows

    FlexiVan Leasing


    ["Ronald D. Widdows","FlexiVan Leasing","CEO"]
  • Thomas Williams

    BNSF Railway

    Group Vice President, Consumer Products

    ["Thomas Williams","BNSF Railway","Group Vice President, Consumer Products"]
  • Edward Zaninelli

    Griffin Creek Consulting


    ["Edward Zaninelli","Griffin Creek Consulting","President"]
  • April Zobel

    The Andersons Inc.

    Manager, Export Traffic

    ["April Zobel","The Andersons Inc.","Manager, Export Traffic"]