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Sascha Peyer

ClockWork Logistics Systems

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

A 28 Year career in large 3PL’s and experiencing a lack of technology and incredibly manual work environment has led Sascha on the path to entrepreneurship, founding ClockWork Logistic Systems. With a team of passionate and experienced individuals our aim is to make the lives of our fellow logisticians a whole lot easier. Let technology do the often grueling and tedious work, deploy your human capital in more meaningful ways!

Having led large Sales & Marketing organizations, Sascha has consistently achieved great results growing talent. Understanding organizational needs, recruiting, hiring and retaining great professionals is instrumental to any business success. Embracing the fact that exceptional growth can only be achieved with strong human capital and deployment of latest technologies.

Sascha considers himself fortunate being able to have started a career in International Freight Forwarding in Switzerland and to be given opportunities to work in the United States expanding his personal and professional horizon. He offers 30+ years of experience in operation. administration and finance, and most importantly in sales & marketing as well as executive management and the software sector.