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Cutting Through the Clutter of the Digital Forwarding Boom

Thursday, 25 February

3:10 pm - 3:30 pm (EST) / 25/feb/2021 08:10 pm - 25/feb/2021 08:30 pm
The rise of the “digital forwarder” moniker has placed the incumbent industry in a precarious position. Traditional forwarders either need to rebrand themselves as innovators, sit tight and wait for the buzz to die down, or pursue a sort of hybrid path. The reality is that the tens of thousands of forwarders globally have not ignored the importance of technology, but digital forwarders have focused their collective attention on where the industry is going. In this session, JOC senior technology editor Eric Johnson will sit down with Will Urban, chief revenue officer at Flexport and a veteran of Expeditors, to discuss perception versus reality, and what the next phase of forwarding looks like.
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