• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center

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First Steps: A Case Study in Developing a Decarbonization Plan

Wednesday, 6 March

9:55 am - 10:40 am (PST) / 06/mar/2024 05:55 pm - 06/mar/2024 06:40 pm

Starting the journey toward decarbonization can be daunting for shippers and forwarders alike. What’s the cargo owner’s supply chain footprint in the end-to-end supply chain? How can a cargo owner move from so-called low-hanging fruit efforts to more complicated emission-reduction measures while balancing costs? How can a forwarder make the right investments while boosting their margins? Wesco, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based global supply chain solutions provider, and freight forwarder JAS Worldwide, knew they had to begin to stand before they could walk, much less run. The shipper and forwarder worked together to chart a plan starting in 2021, moving from measuring carbon emissions to reducing them, and showing that’s it’s not just the biggest shippers and forwarders who can step up to the challenge.

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