• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center

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The Relationship Equation: A Case Study in How Relationships Can Deliver Transformative Business Results

Wednesday, 6 March

11:10 am - 11:55 am (PST) / 06/mar/2024 07:10 pm - 06/mar/2024 07:55 pm
Navigating the ever-changing seas of the global freight forwarding industry is no small feat. With boom-bust cycles perpetually shaping the contours of the global shipping market, supply chain stakeholders grapple with a profound dilemma: the pull of long-term relationships versus the allure of short-term rate and volume pursuits. And yet, the landscape has evolved. Disruptions are no longer anomalies but the norm, and the cyclical tides have grown increasingly tighter. Amid this chaos, critical questions emerge: How can shippers maintain service consistency? Why would carriers forsake proven value for fleeting gains? And why might an NVO prioritize brief profit over sustained growth? The answer is profound in its simplicity: Relationships are the difference. In the intricate web of logistics, people are the threads that hold everything together. For all the strides made in technology and innovation, nothing can quite replace the transformative power of genuine relationships. This case study featuring ASF Logistics, furniture company Haverty’s, and a major global ocean carrier will unravel how three distinct companies have capitalized on the strength of their relationships to carve a path of sustained and lucrative success.
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