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TPM Academy: Marine Cargo Insurance — An Explanation of Coverage Option

Monday, 27 February

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm (PST) / 27/feb/2023 09:30 pm - 27/feb/2023 10:15 pm

In a trade environment rife with risk, the entire maritime community must have a detailed understanding of marine cargo insurance and which supply chain exposures may or may not be covered. Whether a company is trying to grasp what “general average” means in the case of a vessel running aground, or a shipper needs to make choices about the level of insurance to carry, a formal marine cargo insurance strategy is integral to any company’s risk management program. Taught be Rick Bridges, an expert with years of experience in the field, this module will address topics that include the carrier’s limited liability pursuant to a contract for carriage and the difference between Institute Cargo Clause A, B & C insurance coverage. With a great tie-in to the class on Incoterms 2020 Rules, Rick also will reveal how terms of sale protect or expose importers and exporters.

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