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  • 25 February - 3 March 2021 | A Virtual TPM Experience
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Abir Thakurta

Havertys Furniture

Vice President, Supply Chain


Thursday, February 25

  • 03:25pm - 03:45pm

    Adapting To New Ocean Shipping Dynamics

    Shipper Perspectives: Turning High Expectations Into High-Level Service

    Shippers with high expectations of their container line partners probably found 2020 to be disappointing. Blanked sailings, sky-high rates, poor schedule reliability, a lack of available equipment, congested port gateways: All those dynamics led to an environment where shippers couldn’t fully leverage increased demand for their products in the second half of 2020. It brings up the legitimate question of whether container lines were holding up their end of the service bargain in helping their customers to be successful. How can those container lines evolve to be better partners to shippers, in terms of traditional service and in terms of technology? This session will delve into how can shippers — in this case, a large US furniture retailer — prepare to hold container lines accountable, even in extreme conditions like the industry faced in 2020.