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Alan Murphy

Sea-Intelligence Consulting

Co-Founder and CEO

Alan Murphy is Co-Founder and CEO, at Sea-Intelligence. A deeply passionate liner shipping expert, Murphy has 18 years of experience in container shipping research and analysis, providing insight and intelligence to a broad range of stakeholders in the logistics community, through quantitative research, econometric modeling, and database architecture development. Murphy co-founded SeaIntel, now Sea-Intelligence, with industry legend Lars Jensen in 2011, to provide exceptional and insightful liner shipping analysis and advice, always based on a clearly stated and comprehensive methodology. Prior to the launch, he was senior analyst of Maersk Line’s Intelligence and Analysis section, at that time the industry’s largest customer of industry analysis, research, and market data. The frustration with the poorly sourced back-of-envelope style of analysis often found in this industry, and a lack of comparable, verified benchmarks of liner performance, was the spark that would lead to the creation of Sea-Intelligence, which now covers Research & Analysis, Data Services, and Advisory Services. Murphy has a degree in business economics, and previously worked as a research analyst at the Copenhagen Business School. He is fluent in seven primary programming languages and has developed everything from simple business apps to full-stack enterprise database systems. 

Sessions With Alan Murphy

Monday, 27 February

  • 10:30am - 11:30am (PST) / 27/feb/2023 06:30 pm - 27/feb/2023 07:30 pm

    Container Shipping Outlook: Suddenly and Yet Again, It’s a New World

    Just weeks into 2023, the market is almost unrecognizable compared to the past two years of massive pandemic impact. If the market was defined then by tonnage idled outside of ports combined with a consumer spending surge that together produced a state of unprecedented tightness and stratospheric rates, now it looks positively, well, normal. The last vestiges of port congestion are clearing out, spot rates and expectations for contract rate levels are back to pre-pandemic norms, and container lines' brief ironclad control of the market is gone, at least for the moment. On the horizon is a possible US recession, a bloated vessel order book and the need to repair tattered relationships. In this opening market outlook session — a feature of the TPM program since 2001 — industry leaders will offer their big-picture outlook for the year ahead.