Craig Stauffer

The Vanguard International Group


Craig Stauffer is the Chief Executive Officer of The Vanguard International Group and a founding partner of Vanguard International. Vanguard has been procuring, marketing, selling, and distributing fresh fruit and vegetables in North America, Asia, Europe, LatAm, the Middle East, and other global markets for over 30 years. Craig studied International Economics and Political Science at the University of Oregon before working as a Trade Specialist for the International Trade Commission at the US Department of Commerce. Craig was Vice President of International Operations at Fresh Western Marketing in Salinas, California, then-President at Food Products International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Food Services of America, before leaving to found Vanguard in 1991. In 2015, Vanguard joined forces with New York-based agri-focused investment fund Blue Road Capital to establish The Vanguard International Group LP to continue to grow the group’s existing “core businesses” with long-established grower and customer partners, while at the same time acquiring best-in-class production assets to build a vertically-integrated, 52-week supply solution for its customers around the world.

Sessions With Craig Stauffer

Tuesday, 1 March

  • 03:15pm - 04:00pm (EST) / 01/mar/2022 11:15 pm - 02/mar/2022 12:00 am

    Cool Cargoes III: What Do Shippers Want and at What Price?

    The global refrigerated perishables business has seen growth and expansion, in no small part because of the rise of the middle class and the reach of global carriers. Despite this expansion, freight rates until the COVID-19 pandemic had languished or even fallen for several years, rendering some of the largest commodity types, including proteins and bananas, to be marginally profitable for ocean carriers. Carriers reacted by reducing services; limiting investment in containers, gen-sets, and other equipment; and reducing terms on contracts for free time and detention and demurrage. Now, more than a year into historic capacity constraints that have caused an exponential increase in shipping rates, carriers are awash in profits the likes of which haven’t been seen in a decade or more, if ever. So how are carriers delivering on refrigerated shippers’ expectations, be it in service or equipment? Will carriers now invest in the reefer segment that makes a meaningful difference? And most importantly, what do refrigerated shippers truly want, and how much are they willing to pay for it — or, to the point, how much more can they afford to pay?