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Gary Ernest

ContainerPort Group

Vice President-Dedicated Operations

Gary Ernest serves as Vice President of Dedicated Operations for ContainerPort Group, bringing over 20 years of logistics experience across a wide range of operations.

A veteran of the Marines, he began his career in logistics by coordinating shipments across the globe while serving in the military. Prior to joining CPG, he was with Smith Transport Inc., where he held the roles of Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Recruiting, and Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Pricing during his seven-year tenure.

Sessions With Gary Ernest

Monday, 27 February

  • 04:40pm - 05:25pm (PST) / 28/feb/2023 12:40 am - 28/feb/2023 01:25 am

    Dedicated Drayage as a Solution for Tight Truck Capacity

    Volatile drayage capacity and costs are driving more companies to take control of the port-to-warehouse move into their own hands through dedicated drayage, a new take on the dedicated trucking services increasingly common in over-the-road freight lanes. But drayage is a different animal than truckload, and the dedicated model has to be adapted to the unique features of harbor trucking. This panel will examine when and where dedicated drayage is feasible, and how it can work for shippers.