John Motley



John Motley is the CEO and Founder at LOG-NET, Inc. based in the United States. Background includes 25 years of experience in international trade, shipping, and logistics operations and systems. Design and promote the integration of technology into purchasing, logistics, and supply chain processes. Specialties: Business Process Design for International Trade, Purchasing, Transportation, Customs and Logistics. Design, development, and synthesis of business process, e-commerce, and using automation for collaborative logistics, purchasing, and supply chain automated solutions.

Sessions With John Motley

Tuesday, 28 February

  • 08:30am - 08:45am (PST) / 28/feb/2023 04:30 pm - 28/feb/2023 04:45 pm

    Welcome Remarks and Log-Net E-Commerce Excellence Award

    LOG-NET's Electronic Commerce Excellence award has consistently reinforced the partnership between carriers and their customers and the fundamental importance of data quality in that relationship. Digitization has made data management and data quality foundational elements of successful global supply chains. Whether the data is coming from smartphones, web forms, Internet of Things devices, AI, or EDI, it needs to be complete, timely, and accurate. Data quality is critical, considering the consumers of this information now range from import and logistics specialists to business intelligence and machine learning platforms that demand ever more granular information. Since 2003, LOG-NET CEO John Motley has presented the LOG-NET E-Commerce Excellence award at TPM. The award recognizes the efforts of the international carrier community and its outstanding daily performance with LOG-NET's Trading Partner and Data Quality teams. 

    Award Presenter: John Motley, CEO, LOG-NET