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Kristy Asseily


Emissions Reporting & Analytics Manager

Kristy Asseily is the business development manager for emissions reporting and analytics at ZeroNorth please visit: https://zeronorth.com for more information. Part of her role, she interacts daily with different players in the maritime value chain to understand their emissions reporting obligations and decarbonization ambitions, while empowering them through the development of data and software solutions. Prior to that, Kristy was leading ESG and maritime sustainability product developments within S&P Market Intelligence's Maritime, Trade and Supply Chain department.

Multicultural and multilingual, Kristy is fluent in Arabic, French and German as well as English. Kristy holds a BSc in Government from the London School of Economics and an MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation with a certificate in Energy and Finance from HEC Paris.

Sessions With Kristy Asseily

Tuesday, 28 February

  • 04:00pm - 04:45pm (PST) / 01/mar/2023 12:00 am - 01/mar/2023 12:45 am

    TPM Academy: Decarbonization 101: Minimizing the Maritime Carbon Footprint

    Increasingly users of containerized transportation – shippers – have as an objective the reduction of their supply chain’s carbon footprint, i.e. Scope 3 emissions. That is not a simple task when the shipping industry is still in the very early stages of identifying viable zero-carbon fuels, technology, and regulation that will further its energy transition in line with commitments of the International Maritime Organization and individual carriers.

    But with at least a dozen players involved in the most basic of supply chains, from ocean carriers to forwarders and truckers, there remain vast opportunities for companies to reduce the carbon footprint of an ocean container supply chain. Given shippers’ growing demands on the industry to decarbonize, it is incumbent upon carriers, 3PLs, draymen, truckers and rail operators to make the reduction of GHG emissions a core goal of their supply chain resilience strategies. Many have begun doing so.

    Led by Kristy Asseily, emissions reporting and analytics manager at ZeroNorth, this session will not only provide techniques on how individual companies can reduce emissions, but also present case studies on how companies band together to achieve carbon neutrality across the maritime ecosystem. This session will outline the current state of the containerized ocean trade’s carbon footprint, shed light on shipping companies and other logistics vendors’ carbon reduction offerings and propose tools for emissions calculation and reduction. Supported by field-proven techniques for shrinking carbon footprints, this class is a must for companies committed to efficiently decarbonize their supply chains.