Lars Jensen

Vespucci Maritime

CEO and Partner

Lars Jensen is an analyst and thought leader providing expert assistance in strategic decision making and analysis in the wider container shipping industry. CEO and partner of Vespucci Maritime and founder of Vespucci Maritime Publishing, Jensen is the author of “Culture Shock in Maersk Line” and “Liner Shipping 2025.” He is also co-founder of LinerGame, which is focused on providing innovative training and team building in the liner shipping industry. Jensen has designed trainings for Maersk Line Shipping Education as well as custom training courses for other companies. He is a teacher and coach in Copenhagen Business School’s maritime MBA program. Jensen has 20 years of experience in the container shipping industry, covering a combined period of eight years as director of driving and developing market intelligence and analysis for Maersk Line, Maersk Logistics, and The Containership Co. He has been CEO of the purely online container carrier Youship for two years, as well as in charge of developing and implementing e-commerce strategy for Maersk Line. Jensen has a Ph.D. in complex mathematical analysis in physics and previously worked on technological innovation and modeling in the oil and gas industry. 

Sessions With Lars Jensen

Tuesday, 1 March

  • 01:30pm - 02:15pm (EST) / 01/mar/2022 09:30 pm - 01/mar/2022 10:15 pm

    TPM22 CEO Series: Restoring Network Fluidity, a Presentation and Conversation With ONE's Jeremy Nixon

    Much of the blame for longer lead times, poor schedule reliability, and capacity that has been idled or slowed, all contributing to higher ocean rates, can be laid at the feet of network dislocation — the carrier and alliance services unable to operate pursuant to pro-forma planning because of port shutdowns, weather, accidents, or other factors. Until carriers can get services back on schedule, the industry will continue to face severe challenges in container supply chains. This presentation and Q&A with ONE CEO Jeremy Nixon, led by leading analyst Lars Jensen, will explore what is impacting networks, how reliability can be restored, and who should take charge to make it happen.

Wednesday, 2 March

  • 12:30pm - 02:00pm (EST) / 02/mar/2022 08:30 pm - 02/mar/2022 10:00 pm

    Lunch With Lars: The Final Word

    Perhaps no other global shipping analyst has as broad and progressive a lens as Lars Jensen. Since 2018, the former Maersk executive, shipping entrepreneur, author, and, most recently, Vespucci Maritime founder has closed out TPM with his short-, medium- and long-term vision of what is next for the global containerized shipping market, whether it be the next wave of technology, aggressive zero-emission shipping targets, or provider-shipper relationships. Now, Lars will offer his perspective of what the past two pandemic-fueled years — a period so disruptive as to have flipped the industry upside-down — mean for the future of shipping. Among the questions and topics he’ll address are:

    · How will the transition period away from the pandemic unfold in 2022-2023?

    · What will emerge as the new normality in 2023-2030?

    · Who stands to win and lose in the new normality?

    · The transitional period and emergence of yet another normality in 2030-2050