Lars Jensen

SeaIntelligence Consulting

CEO and Partner

Lars Jensen is CEO of SeaIntelligence Consulting, and is an analyst and thought leader providing expert assistance in strategic decision making and analysis in the wider container shipping industry.

Lars has 20 years of experience from inside the container shipping industry, whereof the last 9 years has been as an independent analyst and consultant for carriers, shippers, ports, and maritime technology firms.

Lars is the author of the book “Liner Shipping 2025” focusing on the changes to come in the industry and how carriers, terminals, ports, shippers, and forwards should navigate these changes to emerge successfully.

Lars Jensen is co-founder of LinerGame providing innovative training and team building in the liner shipping industry with more than 100 sessions held in the past four years across 17 countries on 3 continents.

Sessions With Lars Jensen

Wednesday, 3 March

  • 02:20pm - 02:50pm (EST) / 03/mar/2021 07:20 pm - 03/mar/2021 07:50 pm

    Adapting To New Ocean Shipping Dynamics

    The World According to Lars: A Deep Dive From Lars Jensen Into What 2020 Means in the Long Term

    As one of container shipping’s premier analysts and thought leaders, former Maersk executive, SeaIntelligence Consulting founder, and author Lars Jensen is renown for his analysis of current trends and prescience. As the container shipping industry continues to work through the impacts of COVID-fueled disruption, Jensen is looking longer term, and the potential upheaval of the very market structure that shippers, carriers, NVOs/3PLs, and other stakeholders have operated under for decades. The bottleneck problems plaguing the industry since last summer should be seen, metaphorically speaking, as a major brush fire, but underneath the fire the ground itself is shifting. We have a confluence of a beginning strong cyclical upswing, a shift in market power resulting from consolidation, a digitization process that is no longer "just" pilot-testing new ideas, a shift in sourcing patterns, as well as the prospect of much more expensive environmental changes that will make the concern over IMO 2020 low-sulfur costs appear tiny in comparison. In his third “closing argument” at TPM, Jensen will dive into the tactical factors that defined 2020 and make a case that the longer-term future will bring more of the same — but for very different reasons.