• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center

Mary McNelly

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Vice President-Global Distribution and Logistics

Mary is a supply chain leader with a demonstrated history of working cross functionally within the global consumer goods industry. Key values are customer experience, strategic partnerships, stakeholder collaboration and people development. Strong strategic operations and systems skills across the areas of factory PO management, ERP management (order, master data, and demand planning), supply chain strategy, inbound and outbound logistics, warehouse fulfillment, global distribution and logistics.

Sessions With Mary McNelly

Monday, 4 March

  • 04:10pm - 04:55pm (PST) / 05/mar/2024 12:10 am - 05/mar/2024 12:55 am

    Wrestling With a Bear: Nurturing Ocean Carrier Relationships

    A cold reality about container shipping, unfortunate or not, is that BCOs who contract directly with ocean carriers need to actively manage those relationships in order to walk away with satisfactory outcomes — moving cargo with the least possible delay and disruption, at a competitive cost. Given that carriers are typically large organizations serving thousands of customers and managing their own complex transportation networks, successful outcomes from the perspective of BCOs don’t happen on their own. Navigating carrier relationships is part of the skill set of leaders within BCO organizations. It’s an essential element of getting containerized freight moved consistently over the course of the year. How does a BCO navigate fluctuations in week-to-week MQC (minimum quantity commitment) volumes, or unfulfilled annual MQCs? What relationships within carrier organizations do BCOs need to build and nurture in order to have someone to call when things go sideways? How do they maintain good working relationships despite extreme volatility in rates like we have seen since 2020? This session, featuring a panel of experienced BCOs, will discuss what it takes to manage this crucial but often underappreciated aspect of logistics operations.