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Peter Sand


Chief Analyst

Peter Sand joined Xeneta in 2021, as the Chief Analyst. Heading a team that delivers expert insights on container shipping and air cargo industries - from a logistics perspective. Focus on the essential drivers, demand and supply - an obviously the freight rates that impacts us all.

Sand joined Xeneta after over a decade at BIMCO, where he was responsible for analysing commercial markets based on the global economic situation and its influence on trade. Prior to Sand’s Chief Shipping Analyst role at BIMCO, he worked with D/S NORDEN, a Danish shipping company operating in the dry cargo and tanker segments worldwide, as a Senior Analyst.

Throughout his career, Sand has been regarded for his widely read articles and industry insights, as well as his regular appearances on global news networks such as CNN, BBC, CNBC and Bloomberg.

He holds a Master’s in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Eager to share insights, Sand is also:

A widely used keynote speaker at shipping industry events. Setting the scene, with his perspectives on the global industry today and in future.

A former teacher of Maritime Economics at the Danish Shipping Academy as well as guest lecturer at

Copenhagen Business School - Blue MBA and Shipping bachelor.

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