Pierre Garreau, Ph.D.


Co-Founder & CEO

French Floridian living in Germany building the next generation of routing algorithms and making supply chains greener at Searoutes. Former Quant at DeutscheBank and Applied Math postdoc at UCLA. 

Sessions With Pierre Garreau, Ph.D.

Friday, 26 February

  • 12:25pm - 12:55pm (EST) / 26/feb/2021 05:25 pm - 26/feb/2021 05:55 pm

    The Logistics Technology Breakthrough

    The Role Technology Plays in Defining Shipping’s Decarbonization Future

    Sustainability has long been a difficult-to-define metric in the world of international logistics, and so it’s generally a variable that factors into procurement and freight management decisions far below rates and service levels. But over the past year, a bevy of forwarders and technology providers has developed products and calculators that seek to help make these considerations less abstract, more concrete, and thus more actionable.