Vivian Chiang

BlueX Trade

Chief Operating Officer

Vivian Chiang is the COO of BlueX, a startup focused on revolutionizing the container shipping industry. Her role encompasses all aspects of logistics and partner relations, and management of BlueX’s breakthrough digital platform. As a new startup company, BlueX needs leadership that flexes across many different roles, allowing Vivian to leverage her background in entrepreneurship, marketing, product, and operations. She has a deep technical background and many years of experience building companies, co-founding Orbit Baby, a premium baby gear company sold to Ergobaby / Compass Diversified Holdings. Vivian has advised numerous startups, served as a Product Manager at Apple and also held engineering positions as an ASIC designer at Cisco Systems and various startups. She has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Sessions With Vivian Chiang