• TPM25
  • March 2-5, 2025 | Long Beach Convention Center

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TPMTech: Has Technology Evolved Enough to Motivate Shippers to Start Making Their Own Ocean Bookings?

Monday, 4 March

4:10 pm - 4:45 pm (PST) / 05/mar/2024 12:10 am - 05/mar/2024 12:45 am
The act of booking space on a container ship is a seemingly mundane and low-value-added process for a shipper, hence why that has traditionally been handed off to logistics service provider partners. But the technology market has developed to such an extent that handling bookings isn’t, in theory, the cumbersome process it has been in the past. So, the question of whether shippers might want to handle that specific process internally is an interesting development on its own, but also a window into whether they might want to handle even more processes internally in the future. If software makes ocean freight booking relatively easy to handle, and shippers want control of that process, what does that mean for the future of what forwarders do for shippers? And how will that impact what technology shippers and forwarders buy in the years ahead. This session will explore ocean bookings as a prism for a landscape that is potentially shifting.  
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