• TPM25
  • March 2-5, 2025 | Long Beach Convention Center

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TPMTech: Keynote Session — What Integrations Really Matter to Shippers

Monday, 4 March

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm (PST) / 04/mar/2024 10:15 pm - 04/mar/2024 11:00 pm
System integration has gone from an IT, back-office concern to a strategic driver of growth in the world of global logistics. The rise of valuable point solutions and data providers today places the burden on organizations to cobble together systems in a way that’s not just user-friendly, but also better harnesses the potential of available tools. Much of this activity has been obscured from the view of shippers, with 3PLs, software vendors, and data providers partnering in the background on native integrations intended to improve service levels to shippers. But some shippers want more direct control over the processes governing international freight transportation, or they want oversight of those processes if handled by a 3PL or managed service provider. So, as integrations move from functional plumbing to strategic necessity, the question is which ones move the needle from a shipper perspective? This kickoff session at TPMTech will seek to specify for the technology and 3PL community which system integrations need to prioritize as “The Great Integration” takes center stage in a persistently fragmented logistics environment. 


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