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Christina Coulourides

Plume Ridge

Founder and President

Owner/Founder-Following family tradition, founder Christina Coulourides has been involved in the wine industry for over 30 years. As a California native, Christina began her career as the wine buyer for The Chronicle Restaurant in Pasadena. She travels extensively around the world and concentrates her selection efforts both internationally and domestically. She is the force behind numerous successful national brands and skillfully sources high quality hard to find wines for hotels, restaurants, and wine shops. She is actively involved within the community where she and her family reside in Claremont CA. In her free time you can find Christina playing tennis, tending her vegetable garden and spending time with her grandchildren.

Sessions With Christina Coulourides

Wednesday, 6 March

  • 09:05am - 09:50am (PST) / 06/mar/2024 05:05 pm - 06/mar/2024 05:50 pm

    Case Study: From Automating Manual Processes to ERP Integration — How Technology Helped Make Two Shippers More Efficient

    Founded in 2012, Toronto-based 3rdwave provides SaaS solutions that support the importing, exporting, trade compliance, and logistics functions for shippers. For Standard Textile, the mission was complex: Converting a largely manual trade management and compliance process managed via a home-grown “database” composed of physical folders to a centralized database on the 3rdwave platform. The result was fewer misplaced files, better organizational structure, and clearer visibility into the company’s import processes. Wine importer and wholesaler Plume Ridge faced an entirely different conundrum: as the company grew, it implemented an ERP system to support its operations, especially regarding customs entries. But even with the ERP, visibility into the supply chain was lacking, and the regulatory burden was costly. Because 3rdwave is built to work alongside ERPs and support import operations and trade compliance, it was able to deliver automated functionality including self-filing of Import Security Filings, customs entries, and Partner Government Agency (PGA) filings regulating commodity imports. This Case Study will explore the Standard Textile and Plum Ridge challenges, how 3rdwave addressed them, and the benefits the two companies have experienced since.