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Gianluca Bissaro

ALPI Group / L.E.S.

Logistics Supervisor of Forest Products

Mr. Bissaro oversees logistics for forest products at ALPI group, an Italian company with large operations in Central Africa: forest management, sawmills and the production of wood veneer.

Mr. Bissaro has 16 years of experience in marine transport and road transport, in addition to a great passion for logistics.

He began his career in logistics at a mineral water company with extensive business in the US and Canada. His experience in that part of the world helped him find solutions for the ALPI operations in Central Africa, where he increased control over the long and complex supply chain from the forest to the ALPI factory in Italy – which is where the highest quality reconstituted wood in the world is manufactured and exported.

Sessions With Gianluca Bissaro

Wednesday, 6 March

  • 12:00pm - 12:45pm (PST) / 06/mar/2024 08:00 pm - 06/mar/2024 08:45 pm

    Case Study: Going With the Grain — How Alpi is Using Technology to Connect a Complicated Supply Chain

    Alpi, an Italy-based manufacturer of wood products, faces an array of logistics challenges typical for any international shipper, including managing ocean bookings, visibility into shipments, and coordinating teams across multiple continents. Although these challenges are common to many logistics teams, the geographic footprint of Alpi’s supply chain adds a layer of complexity to the equation. The company largely sources in western Africa, and uses ocean freight to move materials and products from there to Asia and Europe. In recent years, Alpi turned to Buyco, a Marseille, France-based technology provider catering to shippers, to help it centralize and control those key ocean freight functions, a move Alpi logistics director Gianluca Bissaro said has given the company “an overview of all our container logistics operations.” In this shipper case study, Bissaro will give a view into how Alpi identified its technology needs, how it selected a vendor and how Buyco has helped it coordinate teams and reduce operational costs.