• TPM25
  • March 2-5, 2025 | Long Beach Convention Center

Lori Fellmer

BassTech International

Vice President, Logistics and Carrier Management

The majority of Lori Fellmer’s professional life has been on the transportation provider-side of international shipping, including 20 years with a major ocean carrier – 8 of which were spent based in Europe - and several years in freight forwarding. Her responsibilities spanned regulatory, trade, sales, and operations. In 2011, Lori moved to the BCO (“shipper”) side of the business, working with Ashland Chemical and more recently, with BassTech International, where she is Vice President of Logistics and Carrier Management for that chemical firm. Lori is also a devoted and enthusiastic champion for US importers and exporters, advocating for fair and reliable ocean transportation services, including her work to introduce the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 during her time as Chair of the Ocean Transportation Committee for the National Industrial Transportation (NIT) League.

Sessions With Lori Fellmer

Monday, 4 March

  • 04:10pm - 04:55pm (PST) / 05/mar/2024 12:10 am - 05/mar/2024 12:55 am

    TPM24 Academy: OSRA 2022 — Updates, Outcomes, and Future Scenarios

    Just because the Ocean Shipping Reform Act took effect in June 2022 doesn’t mean that this legislation is on “autopilot” and that it can now be treated as a static part of the regulatory landscape. To the contrary, those provisions of OSRA 2022 that took effect immediately have needed some time to get implemented, while other elements of the act require further rulemaking activities by the Federal Maritime Commission and may have lengthy phase-in periods. In this reality-based session, we’ll analyze the key elements of OSRA 2022 and what shippers may expect today and going forward regarding carrier and NVOCC behavior in areas such as refusals to deal or negotiate with shippers; space availability and booking confirmation; provision of ocean containers, export receiving dates, rail storage, invoicing requirements for demurrage and detention fees; and charge complaints. We will also review how the FMC is enforcing its provisions. As part of a comprehensive treatment of this subject matter, we’ll also review how OSRA 2022 may adapt to ever-changing market requirements in the future.