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  • March 2-5, 2025 | Long Beach Convention Center

Nico De Golia


Director-Cloud Logistics Sustainability

Nico De Golia is the Director of Cloud Logistics Sustainability at Microsoft working towards achieving the company's goals of net-negative carbon emissions, zero waste, water positivity, and land preservation in the Cloud Supply Chain by the end of the decade. He has extensive experience in sustainability & transportation, having previously served as Global Director of Sustainability for Crowley Maritime and working with BSR on supply chain sustainability and freight decarbonization. He is also an advisor to Washington Maritime Blue and the Center for the Blue Economy, where he focuses on maritime decarbonization.

Sessions With Nico De Golia

Wednesday, 6 March

  • 09:05am - 09:50am (PST) / 06/mar/2024 05:05 pm - 06/mar/2024 05:50 pm

    Reducing Scope 3 Emissions: A Microsoft Case Study

    Microsoft is decarbonizing its supply chain, supplying the critical components underpinning the company’s cloud platform by integrating carbon-emission efforts into core decision-making — and delivering results. Microsoft has made significant investments on green products and requires its suppliers to meet its own carbon-reduction program, challenging transportation providers and manufacturers to take the same wholistic approach it chartered in 2020. From vision to nut-and-bolts, Microsoft Cloud executives will share how they have reduced their division’s carbon footprint by 13% within the last year on volume growth of almost 50% increasing carbon efficiency by 30%, and where they still need to go. Handling relatively modest volumes for a technology powerhouse, this Microsoft case study will have implications and takeaways for shippers large and small as they attempt to need to reduce Scope 3 emissions.