• TPM25
  • March 2-5, 2025 | Long Beach Convention Center

Peter Creeden

MPC International

Managing Director

Peter Creeden is a seasoned global supply chain executive and Managing Director of MPC International, bringing over a quarter-century of industry leadership. Before establishing MPC International, he had a 22-year career with Hamburg Sud.

A staunch champion for supply chain innovation, Peter actively contributes to various digital standard associations. He adds academic rigour to his professional expertise as an adjunct senior lecturer at the Australian Maritime College and a Senior Industry Fellow at RMIT's Centre for Future Skills and Workforce Transformation. Peter was also recently appointed as an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Sydney’s International Transport & Logistics School (ITLS).

In 2019, Peter leveraged his industry insights to establish MPC International Pty Ltd, a leading strategic advisory firm delivering expertise in corporate governance, digital transformations, and AI compatibility roadmaps. As a seasoned strategic advisor, he is helping companies, small & large, navigate the future of the port and supply chain industry.

Sessions With Peter Creeden

Tuesday, 5 March

  • 12:20pm - 12:50pm (PST) / 05/mar/2024 08:20 pm - 05/mar/2024 08:50 pm

    TPMTech: Coordinating Vessel Arrivals — A Conversation with Portchain

    Predicting when a vessel might arrive and when a berth might be clear to receive a vessel might seem like a straightforward task that had been addressed long ago. But the reality is that system silos among container lines, port authorities and terminal operators prevent this from being a standardized process at a global level. Although shipping line-terminal coordination is very much outside the direct control of shippers and logistics providers, delays and miscommunication around the arrival and working of vessels has indelible impact on those groups. Technology provider Portchain is attempting to improve that coordination by building a network of carriers and terminals working through a web-based system that, in theory, allows vessel operators to better time their arrivals to coincide with berth and labor availability on the docks. In this session, Portchain executives will explain why this has been difficult, what technology is doing to change the scenario, and why it matters to container port stakeholders.